1996        Hopeland Technologies established

           1997        Hopeland Technologies meters started China power/energy industry

           2000        sold to all provinces and more than 60 countries

           2003        starts RFID research& development

           2004        finished RFID digital sealing system development

           2005        RFID digital sealing system in all-round popularization

           2006        developed 1st UHF RFID digital seal

           2007        Clou Group IPO

           2008        launched RFID electricity equipment management system and specialized RFID handhelds

                           Clou group built plants overseas

           2009        RFID Buessiness Unit set up - wholly-owned subsidiary: Shenzhen Clou Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd 

           2010        released RFID asset full life circle management system

           2011        developed 1st intellectual property rights 4-port RFID reader

           2012        Clou group expands business into more than 100 countries

                           developed 2nd version UHF RFID handheld terminal 

                           developed integrated RFID reader and desktop tag writer

                           developed series of specialized power industry UHF RFID tag

           2013        starts RFID international market explore

                           sold to more than 30 countries

           2014        settled in Clou New Buliding

                           series of RFID related platform type projects approval

           2015        changed company name into Shenzhen Hopeland Technologies CO., Ltd. 

                           More focusing on related area development, released new brand logo

           2016        Clou group 20 years. 

                           Hopeland Technologies global sight, bright future is coming


Shenzhen Hopeland Technologies CO., Ltd.

Head office: Clou Buliding, Baoshen Road, Hi-tech Park North, Nanshan District, 518057, Shenzhen, China

Production Center: Clou Industrial Park, Cross between Baolong 1st Road and Qingfeng Road, Baolong 

Industrial Town, Longgang district, Shenzhen, P.R.China 

Tel: +86 755 36901035

Fax: +86 755 36901035

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