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Middleware works together with database with caption
Open the browser, enter the client address of the middleware,, represents the localhost, enter the user name root, password admin
Manually add the reader that needs middleware management first, making sure that the IP address of each reader is unique before adding.
The first reader added is HL7206C9Plus with the IP address and port number
The second reader is CL7206A2 with the IP address and port number
The fixed format at the beginning of the reader link is tcp:a:
After the addition is successful, turn them on separately, and if the connection is successful, the reader's MAC address is displayed.
Then assign tasks to the readers.
The first process is to configure HL7206C9Plus
The second process is to configure CL7206A2
The third process is to start reading tags
Save and start the task after connecting the processes with arrows.
Then open the database.
Run Jms4DB. jar, fill in the relevant parameters, click Connect button, note that the database name can not begin with a number.
We can see that a new database has been created to the database.
Looking at the data in the table shows that the program has retrieved the data from the queue of the middleware and stored it in the database.
Customers then can use the data in the database to develop related functions.

middleware works together with database with caption

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