RFID System School Bus Safety Management Technology—Part 2

RFID equipment: The vehicle remote rfid reader the information of the electronic wristband worn by the student and can automatically obtain the accurate number of people getting on and off. When Parents accopany their children to go to and from school, the reader reads the remote identification RFID card held by the parent.  Through ...

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RFID System School Bus Safety Management Technology—Part 1

In China, the school bus mainly refers to the transportation of the underage students in kindergarten, elementary school and middle school. Overloading, overspeed, driver driving illegally, fatigue driving, and other vehicles driving on the road may cause potential traffic safety hazards to the school bus. Secondly, the school bus safety ...

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Classification and characteristics of RFID middleware

Looking at the current variety of RFID applications, the first question companies want to ask is: "How do I connect existing systems to these new RFID readers?" The essence of the problem is the problem of enterprise applications and hardware interfaces. Therefore, permeability is the key to the entire application. Properly capturing data...

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Livestock electronic ear tag management system

The electronic ear tag is an electronic tool that can store and read information. It is a bridge between the data processing system and the individual animal. It is an electronic ID card that can be recognized by animals. People can use a dedicated reader for each An individual animal is identified. In this way, for example, animal identi...

Tags : radio frequency identification RFID RFID technology for animal management

RFID technology empowers auto parts management

China has also become the world's largest car consumer. The car recall incidents that have occurred many times in recent years show that the existing auto parts management methods can no longer meet the needs of the development of the industry. Traditionally, the auto parts management method is relatively simple, the inventory cost is hig...

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RFID Technology Speeds Logistics Up to 6 Times than Before

Recently, a news from Tianjin attracts people’s attention, “As the first enterprise who uses RFID technology in air-logistics, Sinotrans Air Transportation Development Co., Ltd. can handle over 200 orders per day with only 4 workers and 4 forklifts. With RFID readers installed on the forklift, workers can read the RFID tags on goods and c...

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The Introduction Of RFID Technology

With the development of technology, RFID system appeared in our lives. This technology has become more and more mature. Let’s introduce them to you.   RFID is a general term used for describing a system transmitting the identity of products and services through radio waves. Talking about RFID technology, RFID reader antenna shouldn’t...

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The Advantages Of RFID Reader

As we all know, RFID technology as a new technology is becoming more and more popular in nowadays. It is a general term used for describing a system transmitting the identity of products and services through radio waves and it’s one of the latest and most effective automatic identification technologies. It is has a lot of advantages, let’...

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RFID Readers - Making Your Life More Convenience

With the development of science and technology, more and more innovative electronics appears in our lives. For example, RFID reader is one of them. Now, let’s introduce them to you.   It can be said like this, RFID is an acronym that stands for "radio frequency identification." It is a continuously evolving technology that fundamenta...

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Now our products have been deployed on many industries & applications incl

Clou Electronics is a high-tech enterprise engaged in multiple fields business including smart grid, new energy, RFID, automatic control system etc. Founded in 1996, Clou is listed in 2007 on Shenzhen Stock Exchange with stock code "002121" (share A). So far, the company has formed 8 Business Units, 5 subsidiary companies, established a s...

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