Application of RFID Identification Technology in Vehicle Automatic Counting System

By putting the license plate number of the transport vehicle into the RFID electronic tag, when the transport vehicle enters various transport nodes such as intersections, unloading yards, yards, warehouses, etc., it can be carried out by an RFID card reader installed above the road. Reading, completely out of manual intervention, improves the speed and accuracy of vehicle traffic counting.

Compared with the license plate recognition technology of video and image processing, RFID-based vehicle recognition has high accuracy and is not easily affected by the environment, and can accurately and comprehensively acquire vehicle information.

The electronic tag is pre-written with the basic information of the vehicle through the card issuing management system, such as the vehicle ID, the license plate number, the owner, the fleet, and the like. The RFID tags are installed on the vehicle windshield of all the entrances and exits, and the vehicle has a unique ID card. The UHF RFID antenna system is installed at all intersections, roads, etc. where it is necessary to identify the electronic license plate.

Electronic license plate (R F I D tag) The passive card in the U H F (902 ~ 928MHz) frequency band can be used for long-term maintenance and repeated use. The electronic license plate is mounted on the front windshield of the vehicle by anti-disassembly technology, which forms a unique correspondence with the vehicle and becomes the only electronic identity mark of the vehicle. The identity information of the vehicle is strictly fixed in the vehicle.

The RFID electronic license plate automatic counting system does not require manual invoices, which greatly improves the accuracy of counting, reduces the error of counting people, and prevents human cheating. The system can realize bicycle statistics and group statistics, settlement statistics, and engineering materials management.

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