Application of RFID in Procurement, Storage, Transportation, Sales and Service

RFID plays an important role in the linking of many aspects of logistics from procurement, storage, transportation, sales, and services to social benefits.

In the incoming goods section, the RFID reader was used to obtain the goods and the logistics information arrived at the same time. The goods were automatically counted and passed to the information system and stored in the warehouse; the goods were placed in different warehouse areas. Afterwards, a RFID tag reader/writer can be used to monitor the storage status of the goods in the warehouse, for example, to specify the statistics of the stacking area, the shelf time, and other information. When the deadline for the goods in the storage area is approaching, an alarm signal is automatically sent to the central dispatching system to notify the staff. When the goods leave the warehouse, the information of the goods is also transferred to the corresponding database.

In the sales section, the merchant uses the electronic tag to carry on the statistics to the goods in the sales link, only can in the host system management software can inquire the detailed information of the goods, for example the inventory type and the quantity. Automatic scans and billings are also performed on the payment desk to replace the cumbersome manual collection mode.

In the transport section, the RFID tag is attached to the surface of the cargo (for example, attached to the container and the outer package), and the cargo can be tracked and controlled. The goods that are in the process of being transported are read by the UHF RFID readers at the stations, terminals, airports, highway exits, etc., and read the information of the electronic tags. Together with the position information of the goods, they are transmitted to the database of the cargo dispatching center.

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