Case Analysis of RFID Application in Modern Dairy Farms

In the modern dairy farms, in the dairy farms with large breeding scale, high breeding level and high individual production capacity, the conventional manual marking and the naked eye recognition of the cows are distinguished, the work is difficult, the resolution efficiency is low, and the error rate is high. It is difficult to accurately and comprehensively grasp the production level and individual status of the dairy cow group, which can no longer meet the requirements of modern cattle farm management.

As a new non-contact rapid automatic identification technology, RFID is being more and more widely used in modern, large-scale farming industry towels. The electronic logo designed for dairy cows stores various basic information of cows. When the cows are born, the electronic signs are fixed on the animal body. The electronic signs are used once, uniformly numbered and unique.

The wireless radio frequency system with UHF RFID reader can dynamically identify and record the data of the cow's weight, feed intake, exercise amount, etc., combined with other sensors of each breeding module to record and record the bovine body condition, the cattle farm environment temperature and humidity, and dynamically monitor the condition of the cattle at the computer terminal. Monitoring, once the data collected by the system exceeds the health warning threshold set in the computer, the management system can automatically identify it and provide timely feedback to judge the physiological state of the cattle, adjust the feed structure and supply quantity, and formulate the treatment plan.

The exercise pedometer on the electronic sign records the amount of exercise of the cow, and combines the accumulated data and standard parameters in the database to determine the health status of the cow.

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