How to Test RFID System Deployment

It is important to test your RFID equipment before deploying an RFID system. RFID tags can be manually scanned by handheld terminals, or by using active tags and fixed readers/antennas. Active tags have built-in power, while passive tags do not require built-in power. Passive RFID tags from the received RFID reader to send the electromagnetic energy to obtain energy, activated to send data to the outside.

RFID reader can be handheld, it can be fixed. Handheld RFID readers are used to read tags manually, just as you manually scan hardware assets while you walk through the data center. Fixed RFID readers are used to mark those applications, such as items being scanned using an ID card to access the data center or downloaded on a transfer carousel.

Another important part of RFID installation is software that supports communicating with tags. There are many vendors that provide ready-made applications for this purpose, often as part of an RFID packaging solution. Another option is to connect directly to your own infrastructure, through a middleware application, or using a driver that connects to your existing back-end data store.

When deploying an RFID reader device into a production environment, it is important to consider variables such as temperature, airflow, and humidity to ensure that the environment is suitable for use with RFID devices. It is worth mentioning that another important test index is the reading distance. For any RFID deployment, be sure to always achieve a read rate of nearly 100%. There are many potential hurdles to achieving this, including interference from unrelated existing wireless infrastructures and even from many devices in high-density environments.

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