Logistics Distribution Center System Based on RFID Technology

The distribution center is a modern distribution facility that engages in the provision of goods and organizes the delivery of goods to users to achieve sales or supply at a high level. With the continuous growth of business volume and the continuous improvement of customer demand, distribution center management is also facing more and more challenges, especially how to reduce the cost of logistics center and improve the operational efficiency of logistics center. The development of Internet of Things technology, especially the application of RFlD, will greatly improve the operational efficiency of the distribution center.

When the goods are shipped from the supplier, the RFID tag is configured, which records the name, characteristics, delivery location, arrival place, delivery note number, order details, etc. of the goods. When the goods arrive at the distribution center, the RFID tag is read in batches by the multiple RFID reader and transmitted to the distribution center information system.

The goods are placed on pallets when they are in storage, and the forklift driver can read the storage location of the goods from the RFID tags of the goods through the handheld RFID reader. If it is to close the position, the goods will be sent to a specific location. There will be a reader near these positions. By reading the RFID information and transmitting the information system, the information system will update the inventory quantity of the goods in real time.

Another benefit of RFID technology is the significant reduction in manpower during inventory counts, and even the complete inventory count. Through the RFID reader in the cargo storage warehouse, the inventory of the goods can be basically completed in real time. Each UHF RFID reader writer transmits the information read to the information system, and the information system performs a unified summary process, which can obtain accurate information of various goods inventory conditions.

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