Remote Monitoring System Based on RFID Technology

The system is mainly composed of supervision monitoring terminal, communication platform and monitoring center. Compared with the use of bar codes to collect monitoring target information, the RFID technology has the advantages of automatic scanning without manual contact, strong anti-pollution ability (anti-dust, anti-smog, moisture resistance) and large amount of information, RFID technology to build. A complete RFID system consists of three parts: a tag is a combination of a coupling element and a chip, each tag has a unique electronic code that is attached to an object to identify a target object; passive RFID reader to read (and sometimes for writing) tag information; RFID Antenna (radio frequency signal) is passed between the tag and the reader.

Monitoring terminal work flow is: UHF RFID reader sends radio wave energy to the tag, drive tag circuit will send the internal data, reader in order to receive interpretation of data, and finally sent to the communication platform through the RS232 serial port ARM (Advanced RISC Microprocessor, Advanced RISC microprocessor) to do the appropriate treatment.

The monitoring center is composed of a PC with a public IP address and long range RFID reader. Monitoring center backstage management software using self-developed RFID scanner software, parameter settings can be set up to establish network connection and data reception, preservation, analysis and processing. Under the control of the program, the GPRS module can get a dynamic IP address after power on, it will take the initiative to send a connection request to the monitoring center server, so that the server to establish Socket connection.

The remote monitoring and control system based on RFID technology has the characteristics of fast scanning, no contact, oil resistance, large amount of information and so on. Therefore, this system uses RFID technology to monitor the target and provides a new application scheme for optimizing the remote monitoring system, The need to monitor goals in many areas at high efficiency and at low cost.

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