RFID Automated Warehouse Management System Solution

The benefits of warehouse automation are obvious: Automation can speed up processing, improve accuracy, reduce labor costs, increase reliability, and achieve more efficient use of warehouse space and space.

In general, automatic storage systems (AS/RS) can transport 40 to 50 pallets per lane per hour. The high-speed sorter can pick up 20,000 picks per hour, and some manufacturers even claim higher picking speeds. When a bar code browser is attached to an RFID reader terminal and connected to a WMS, the use of an RF terminal can increase picking speed.

System composition
The hardware of the warehouse management system based on RFID technology includes host computer, printer, reader/writer reader, fixed RFID reader, RFID handheld reader, RS-485 interface card, electric control door, and alarm detection device. The host installs the management software, connects to the reader/writer of the library through the RS-485 interface card and all the location readers, and controls them, such as setting authority, reading records, and counting queries; location reading The writer records the placement of the items, and the out/in-writer reader controls the electric control gates, the collection items and the storage records.

With the rapid development of RFID technology, the security systems provided by various RFID electronic label manufacturers have also become more and more perfect. First of all, the serial number of each label is unique, it has been solidified in the production process and cannot be changed. In communication safety, 3 mutual verification technologies conforming to the ISO 9798 international standard are used to verify the legitimacy of electronic tags and RFID tag readers; DSA algorithms are used to encrypt data in data communications to ensure that data is not blocked. Illegal modification. Therefore, properly regulating the RFID electronic label management system and properly storing and using each authorization card will ensure the high security of the system.

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