RFID Based Production and Distribution Management System

With the rapid development of high technologies, home appliance production has changed its style from the technology-intensive industry into the labor-intensive industry. A bottle neck has been forming between the time-consuming material preparation processes and the rapid production paces. To solve these conflicts, RFID based applications are proposed to promise rapid and efficient working styles for home appliance production.

For production management, HF RFID tray tags, workstation RFID devices and RFID smart vehicles are employed to establish integrated information chains between materials and industrial field bus. By this means, information of materials and WIPs are collected by the system incessantly. Base on these basic informations, the production progress and workloads of employees can be evaluated automatically and visually. What’s more, ERP interface, PDM interface and CAPP interface have created the possibility of exchange data between new and old systems.

For distribution management, UHF RFID product tags, RFID gates, handheld RFID readers and RFID printers are employed to establish an information chain along the distribution points. After an UHF RFID product tag printed by a RFID printer and adhered to a home appliance product, a unique ID code has been connected to the product. Along the logistics chain, more than product location and product state information can be looked up in the system. Thereby, the system created the possibility of product tracking and tracing.

Tags : HF RFID tray tags handheld RFID readers RFID gates

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