RFID-based System in Inventory Management

RFID has been used in automotive vehicle identification for more than 15 years, but the focus of much effort now is on using it to track products for supply-chain management. Several challenges to full-scale, widespread deployment of RFID in thesupply chain remain. The main challenge is privacy and security. Consumer protection organization and privacy advocates claim that the RFID tags can be attached to any item and they can be tracked and traced without consumer knowledge. Since this information is valuable and can be consider as violation to owner’s privacy and security, it can be controlled with developing security protocols or even the RFID tag can be easily removed from retailers after selling the item to the customers.

Logistic management controls the efficiency and effectiveness of flow and storage of goods and other related activities from the origin point to consumption point. Basically previous logistic researches focused on two top areas, integrating traditional logistic segments such as transportation, warehousing and inventory management with old fashion control modes, which is their area of desire. However, they are doing more research on inventory management by collaborative inventory management methods recently.

RFID can speed up the production and reduce the inventory level and make benefits by saving more over time for companies. Also this allows the company to track each part in production process. Orders are triggered automatically by using RFID tags and reads as soon as the carts run on low parts.Moreover, its advantages over the barcode system would be when bar codes takes more time to be manually scanned; it can be online and connected to main server and readable in every needed time.

We also proposed novel RFID-based Kanban approach that can be efficiently used in manufacturing production lines. The proposed RFID-based Kanban isbe able to improve Just In Time production by being fast, accurate and realtime. Inventory level rate would be aligned with actual consumption as well. Moreover, this ensures more efficiency and effectiveness of inventory management to manage the stocks held in inventory with more accuracy and meets the demands fluctuation.

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