RFID Helps Production Self-organizing - Vision of Industry 4.0

The dream of an extremely flexible production structure would be that workstations are standing freely in the production hall grouped by certain production functions. The orders would navigate autonomously from workstation to workstation guided by their own working plans and by both efficiency and engineering KPIs. They would communicate as cyber-physical systems with both, the working stations and the entities providing the necessary material.

If the workstations were also designed to include redundancy, the flexibility would increase a lot. The Industry 4.0 scenario offers the opportunity of digitalizing objects via the RFID technology and connecting self-organizing orders and workstations.

When the raw materials are produced at branch or outsources workshop, it would be equipped with an unique RFID labels. At the assemble center, robot equipped with passive RFID reader. Each material has its own information, so that the Ethernet RFID reader on robots could identify and complete the manufacturing process.

Are there new challenges when facing such an innovative approach? Of course there are. The challenge is that a fully flexible production structure lacks an organizing principle that until now has been provided by the physical structure of the production line. The revolutionary idea – and this is the challenge – is to replace the physical organizing principle of the production process with a logical one.

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