RFID Makes Personnel Management Smarter

RFID technology positioning management system, with automatic access to visitor information, ID card anti-counterfeiting, intelligent management of visit information, real-time confirmation of the visit process, etc.; can also establish a visitor information base, set up a black and white list of visitors, count the number of visits, etc. Features to improve the efficiency of visitor management. At the same time, the use of advanced Internet of Things technology can provide indoor and outdoor positioning tracking, regional control and other supervision to visitors, and improve management.

By arranging the corresponding UHF RFID readers and locators in the area, the position of the reader or the locator is used to determine the area where the identification card is located, and the positioning monitoring of the personnel is realized, and the positioning accuracy can reach 2 meters. At the same time, the use of vehicle guidance systems, RFID access control management systems, can achieve a variety of intelligent management and monitoring, in order to achieve comprehensive intelligent management of personnel.

For specific security, confidentiality or other important areas, intelligent identification and control can be achieved by authorizing the configuration of designated personnel. Site personnel can only enter the area where access is granted. Visitors can only enter the area where the appointment is visited. People in the area can be reminded in real time.

The system supports real-time statistics of employees' daily attendance, number of visitors, number of people interviewed, and number of people in the area by region or building. Such as real-time query of the number of visitors on a certain floor, the number of visitors stranded in a certain area, and the current number of people interviewed.

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