RFID Technology Applied in Access Control System

The RFID access control system has already surpassed the traditional doorway and key management functions. The safety requirements of the modern working environment, departmental administrative management, daily attendance management, company catering consumption, etc., are all closely related to the access control system. Such as apartments, residential quarters, factory patrols, company R & D and technical departments, medical units do not disturb areas, finance and finance, etc., are the best places for RFID access control system applications. The installation of an RFID access control system in public places and entrances in some office places, residential apartments, etc., can effectively prevent unauthorized people from entering, and maximize the safety of these places.

In practical applications, in order to achieve a more safe use effect, the application of open access control systems often includes the comprehensive application of open and non-open access control systems. The open access control system mainly includes RFID electronic tag parts and fixed RFID reader part. The antenna part, the video access image comparison verification part, the upper computer software control four parts and the LAN/WAN based remote control software are composed.

In the vehicle entrance and exit control, the access control system uses radio frequency identification technology, which can realize the car without the effective electronic tag, stop the road and save time, improve the traffic efficiency of the intersection; more importantly, it can carry out the vehicle access to the community or parking lot. Real-time monitoring, accurately verifying the identity of the vehicle and the owner, maintaining regional security, and making the security management of the community or parking lot more human, information, intelligent and efficient. This will also be part of the smart RFID parking management system.

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