Smart Transportation Application for Identifying License Plates

In recent years, the national policy has clearly proposed the application of high-tech such as smart parking systems and automatic identification of license plates. To put it simply, the "wisdom" of smart parking is reflected in: smart looking for parking spaces + automatic parking fees.

So, how do you implement smart parking now? Let's take the most common parking lot. The most important technologies are license plate recognition technology and non-stop electronic toll collection (ETC) technology.

Before the vehicle with the electronic license plate enters the parking lot, the RFID parking system can accurately identify the vehicle identity through the electronic license plate recognition device, record the entry and exit time of the vehicle to accurately charge, and make the vehicle pass quickly without manual parking. When the vehicle stops driving out of the parking lot, the passive RFID tag reader will perform short-range communication with the electronic license plate through the license plate identification antenna, and automatically complete the charging process without any driver parking and other charging personnel taking any action.

Through the application of smart parking system, the efficiency of passing through can be improved, and the “bottleneck” of traffic at the toll station can be prevented. At the same time, the unmanned intervention charges can be realized through RFID technology, effectively curbing the evasion of parking fees, the negligence of the tollers, and the malpractices. At the same time, reduce the management cost of toll stations and recover the investment in infrastructure more quickly.

Tags : RFID parking system passive RFID tag reader

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