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The Advantages Of RFID Reader

As we all know, RFID technology as a new technology is becoming more and more popular in nowadays. It is a general term used for describing a system transmitting the identity of products and services through radio waves and it’s one of the latest and most effective automatic identification technologies. It is has a lot of advantages, let’...

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RFID Technology Makes Parking Easier

RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) technology has been widely used in warehouse logistics, retail management, asset management, production&processing etc. But recently, ITS(Intelligent Traffic System)develops into one of the most popular application area for its huge market capacity and the relevance of national conditions. Furtherm...

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UHF RFID Reader and Antenna for Racing Timing System

More and more popular for marathon racing in China recent years. As the quantity of runners increasing rapidly, traditional timing system like manual timing, infrared timing could not support such large number of runners at the same time. UHF RFID technology is now the number one technology used for mass participation running events. Firs...

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Intelligent UHF RFID Reader for Industry 4.0

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), using the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) range together with passive RFID tags, has gained more and more importance in the field of logistics as a method for automatic identification (Auto-ID). This is due to the advantages compared to other Auto-ID technologies. Currently RFID is often associated with t...

Tags : Passive RFID Tags UHF RFID reader intelligent reader system

Could RFID Technology Save the Lost of Retail

According to professional report by China General Chamber of Commerce, there was 181 billion RMB lost of retail industry in 2016, from stolen. And the loss rate increased year by year on these 5 years. The traditional way to prevent damage has been unable to save the problem of retail damage, technical upgrading is emergent without delay....

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Real Time Location System using Passive UHF RFID

RFID technology is becoming more and more popular these days and on its top stands passive UHF RFID technology for it's economical as well as practical benefits. Even though this technology is intended for inventory, several attempts have been made by several vendors in creating a real-time location tracking system using passive RFID solu...

Tags : passive UHF tags tracking system UHF RFID tags

Hopeland New Retail Self-Service Store in Xiamen

At the beginning of last month, the first 24hrs Self-Service Store was set up in Xiamen. Similar with Bingo, Well go, E+Store use the most popular technology of UHF RFID for items identifications. Every commodity tags with an unique UHF RFID label, when clients walk through the accounting area, the RFID reader could read the price informa...

Tags : UHF RFID label RFID reader UHF RFID system

The Application of RFID Technology in the Inventory Management

Today's society, high productivity, product is extremely rich, science and technology in rapid development, however, the profits that enterprises get through increase productivity, abundant products, improving quality, using advanced technology are more and more limited. A typical RFID system generally consists of three parts: tags, RFID ...

Tags : Passive RFID reader warehouse management system fixed RFID reader

RFID Room Automatic Guide System Program

RFID room automatic guidance system contains remote RFID reader at where it need to place the guide, when the person passing through the card is automatically identified at long-distance (the card can be put anywhere on the player). And system shows the cardholder the location of the room and the electronic map animation guide. The system...

Tags : remote RFID reader Long Distance RFID Reader RFID Room Automatic Guide System

RFID Production Line Management System Solutions

In the traditional manufacturing enterprises' production flow, most of the production modes are dominated by one-piece flow mode. The biggest disadvantage of this production line mode is that backlogging usually takes a large amount of semi-finished products in some bottleneck processes. If the process is complicated more production links...

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RFID in the Retail Application Scenarios and Technologies

With the first application of RFID technology in product manufacturing industry, rising labor costs in retail industry, increasing demand for reducing logistics costs, and the need for retail enterprises to compete and develop themselves, the rise of unattended retail / smart retail stores, will provide objective impetus for the rapid app...

Tags : multiple RFID reader RFID reader handheld RFID reader system

What Should Pay Attention when Choosing RFID Equipment

At present, although the rapid development of RFID technology, but compared with the bar code, due to cost, use of the environment, technical standards and other restrictions, in a period of time, can not replace the bar code applications, then what should we pay attention when choosing the RFID equipment? Reading accuracy. RFID tags are ...

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