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  • The Introduction Of RFID Technology
    • Jul , 29 2016

    With the development of technology, RFID system appeared in our lives. This technology has become more and more mature. Let’s introduce them to you.   RFID is a general term used for describing a system transmitting the identity of products and services through radio waves. Talking about RFID technology, RFID reader antenna shouldn’t be ignored. RFID antenna designs are powered by a variety o...

  • The Advantages Of RFID Reader
    • Jul , 11 2016

    As we all know, RFID technology as a new technology is becoming more and more popular in nowadays. It is a general term used for describing a system transmitting the identity of products and services through radio waves and it’s one of the latest and most effective automatic identification technologies. It is has a lot of advantages, let’s introduce these advantages to you. First,  integrated...

  • RFID Readers - Making Your Life More Convenience
    • Jun , 16 2016

    With the development of science and technology, more and more innovative electronics appears in our lives. For example, RFID reader is one of them. Now, let’s introduce them to you.   It can be said like this, RFID is an acronym that stands for "radio frequency identification." It is a continuously evolving technology that fundamentally is an automatic identification system that facilitates d...

  • How to choose a good Android RFID handheld terminal for yourself?
    • Jun , 02 2016

    As time goes,the continuous development of science and technology,readers and handheld terminals are play an important role in our lives.   As we all know,hardware equipment consists of Android RFID handheld terminal with RFID tags, and wireless access points. The design of RFID system is based on key business processes closely around the industry's core requirements and inspection operations...

  • Different Types Of RFID Readers and Application
    • May , 27 2016

    RFID reader has applications in many different industries. Of course, RFID reader have many different types. Shenzhen Clou IOT Technologies Co.,Ltd. as a professional efficient integrated reader manufacturer,will tell you different types Of RFID readers for all purposes. There is portable reader, fixed readers, mountable readers, like I said they come in all shapes and sizes. You will need RFID re...

  • Android PDA with Impinj R2000 chip speeds up your warehouse management efficiency
    • May , 18 2016

    With the fast expanding of informatization and intellectualization in the past 30 years,especially the expansion of e-commerce in the past 10 years, different large warehouses are established to store and transfer the orders/produces around the world. Thus, how to speed up the efficiency has become a tough topic. Based on the conception of technology, intelligence and high-efficiency, RF...

  • Now our products have been deployed on many industries & applications incl
    • Mar , 09 2016

    Clou Electronics is a high-tech enterprise engaged in multiple fields business including smart grid, new energy, RFID, automatic control system etc. Founded in 1996, Clou is listed in 2007 on Shenzhen Stock Exchange with stock code "002121" (share A). So far, the company has formed 8 Business Units, 5 subsidiary companies, established a system integrated with technological innovation, product deve...

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