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Recent years, with the progress of electronization and networking, official document drawing can be implemented by computer, which greatly improve the working efficiency. However, the official document for reading, inquiring, borrowing, packaging, distribution, etc., still closely linked with paper files.

Status of traditional Document Management:

1. Inefficient and time-consuming for archiving the document
2. Document arrangement are easily messed up or even lost
3. Access to information of the document is time-consuming
4. Lack of strict management system makes the lack of security of the document
5. Management lagging of the invalid document 


Objective of this Document Management System

Document management system combines with RFID technology to manage documents. 

Stick RFID Tag on each document bag to make it unique when tag read by reader. 

Its main purpose is to avoid the loss of valuable knowledge, improve efficiency, and shorten the document processing time, increase security. 

 Comparison of RFID Technology and Barcode Technology

1. Longer service life, larger information storage capacity, better durability

2. Longer reading and writing distance, faster speed, can be identified in movement

3. Multi-tags information is readable at the same time

4. Data security. Data is updatable, adjust to bad environment

How it works?

Framework of the system 

RFID is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification. A typical RFID system consists of RFID ReaderRFID Antenna and RFID Tags.


Intelligent document management system devices

-  RFID TagsDocument tag / Location tag

-  Information collection terminalFixed readerantenna, antenna extender, handheld reader

-  Document management system

1.RFID Tag stick on each document, mount the antenna in document frame to achieve accurate positioning, gathering document information.

2. Fixed RFID Reader settled on the wall or ceiling of the document room to transmit data. Connect the RJ45 interface with the computer and transfer the data to the server

3. Handheld RFID Reader is used for document inventory and arrangement. For unmatched information, manager will check with handheld and modify the system or document information.

4. To ensure the document tag data readable, the antenna should be mounted based on the actual situation of the archives. Antenna need to be customized to ensure the best effect of reading.

Cases show


RFID File Management

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