Hopeland New UHF RFID Module for 8 Ports Fixed Reader Released 2017-11-21

As fundamental technology of data collection level of IoT(Internet of Thing), RFID is widely used in many applications, such as smart manufacturing, warehouse inventory, personnel management, vehicle control etc. Common RFID devices are RFID tags, RFID readers, and RFID module. To meet the requirement for customization for different projects, RFID module has great help for integrator who need to make their own reader system. 



HL7206C8A is Hopeland's latest high integrated UHF RFID module, for development of 8 ports fixed RFID reader. The board has Impinj R2000 UHF chip, with various communication interfaces, RS232, RS485, I/O wiegrand, USB, RJ45 etc. Like the fixed RFID reader CL7206C8, it support long range reading up to 15m, and multi-tag reading.




Similar with the reader, the new module is available for various of applications. Integrator could build their own 8 ports fixed reader, and could also installed within access control gate to build RFID access control system. 


Integrated RFID Redaer




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