Hopeland's RFID Based Smart Files Management Solution 2017-11-14

Through the construction of RFID workbench, RFID access gate and file cabinet or intensive cabinet, the file can be accurately managed, so as to achieve the functions of storing orderly, borrowing registration, abnormal alarm, real-time statistics and quick search, so as to solve the current chaos in file management so on.


At present, it is very difficult to find and maintain updated data. The data update often leads to disorder in time and affects the normal business development. Therefore, a real-time file management and monitoring system needs to be set up to monitor the location and current status of the file. File borrowing, inquiries do dynamic management, the late do a variety of dynamic file statistics, can highlight the focus and improve productivity. 


RFID technology has been widely used in book and file management and has been unanimously endorsed by users. Hope that based on RFID technology management system can improve the file information management level, improve file search, inventory efficiency.


RFID hardware construction for file management:


Intelligent split filing cabinets provide the inventory of the file, statistics out of the file in the frame, the wrong frame, not in the frame and the number of borrowing and information. Core hardware is Hopeland's multi-channel fixed RFID reader, integrated with antenna concentrator, which expand group of RFID antennas (Max 8 sets).


RFID File Management


Warrants management, 300 pieces of files each floor, can be timed automatically inventory, RFID handheld reader and semi-automatic inventory, locate and other functions.

RFID File Management 

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