IOTE 2019 Shenzhen Internet of Things Exhibition is in progress! 2019-07-31

IOTE 2019 Shenzhen Internet of ThingsExhibition is in progress!


   On July 30th, the 12th InternationalInternet of Things Exhibition (Shenzhen Station) of IOTE 2019 with the theme of“Wake everything awaken, G can't be lost” was grandly opened in ShenzhenConvention and Exhibition Center. This is an extraordinary internationalInternet of Things carnival, gathering the world's nearly 700+ IoTindustry-wide brand, showing more than 10,000+ IoT products and the latestproducts.


   The exhibition continued to open threedistinctive exhibition areas in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center,totaling 52,500 square meters. For example, Hall 1 includes RFID, smart cards,precision positioning, and IoT communication exhibition area; Hall 6 includessmart retail, unmanned retail, Smart City, Smart Home Zone; Hall 9 includes sensors,wireless communications, IoT platforms, smart homes, industrial Internet ofThings, and smart manufacturing. These three exhibition areas have concentratedon nearly 700 companies in different fields of the IoT industry chain and theIoT products they have developed.


   Shenzhen Hopeland technology co., LTD participatedin the exhibition and achieved excellent results.The IOTE Organizing Committeeorganized and organized the "IOTE 2019 Gold Award for Innovative ProductSelection" campaign, and selected 100 of the most representative andinnovative IoT products from the 10,000+ exhibits unveiled this year at IOTE,and on the morning of July 30th. At the IOTE Gold Awards Ceremony, all thecompanies won the "IOTE 2019 Gold Award" honorary medal.

   Our the latest handheld UHF reader helped us get thisreward, HL7202K8is the latest handheld UHF reader product independently developed by ShenzhenHopeland technology co., LTD. The product supports Bluetooth v2.0/2.1 +EDR.RFID meets mainstream standards in Europe (ETSI EN 302 208), American (FCC part15), Japan TELEC, Chinese CMII etc. According to the human body engineeringdesign, exquisite appearance, high protection level, comfortable operation,simple, easy to carry, high flexibility, suitable for working in variousenvironmental conditions. It is mainly used in warehousing and logistics, assetmanagement, book management, financial management, production 


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