RFID Technology Make Sports Competition More Attractive 2017-11-02

Watching sports competitions is one of the most important fantastic items on weekdays. As sporting events become more competitive, people are more concerned about their fairness than ever before, and a miscarriage of justice is likely to cause irreversible regrets. Therefore, in the sports competition into the modern technology, has become more common. These technologies helped to reduce the miscarriage of justice, while also adding more fascinations for modern sports.



RFID identification technology, with fast scanning, large memory capacity and other characteristics, can help us in sports events, real-time players and the ball events to provide the trajectory, and also help the referee to make the most correct decision to reduce the chance of misjudgment.

RFID in the field of sports applications can be traced back to 1994, held in Berlin marathon. Players who have personal information stored on the electronic RFID label, through the installation the reader at starting point, on the way and the end for information collection, accurate monitoring of the entire game. Until now, road races, cross-country skiing, decathlon and other games are using RFID technology.

Hopeland have support series of sports events like marathon racing, bicycle racing in Hongkong, Shenzhen, Singapore, Taiwan etc. RFID timing and tracking system consists of three parts: fixed RFID reader, RFID mat/flooring antenna, and RFID label/tags. While the athletics with RFID tags go through the specific area installed with reader and antenna, data like time, speed, distance could be upload to cloud, make the real time management come ture.

RFID Mat Antenna

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