RFID Gate reader for Asset Tracking
Access Control RFID Tracking Gate Reader CL7226C

CL7226C UHF channel access system supports EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C) protocol, integrated high-gain antenna groups, the R2000-based reader and speed control module, with high-speed tag reading literacy and good control of the area, It provides a standard RS232 or RJ45 interface for easy connection software platform. Particularly suitable for all kinds of logistics, warehousing, books, files, attendance management personnel.

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RFID Gate Reader


 Proprietary design

air interface protocol: Support ISO18000-6C / 6B all mandatory commands

Operating frequency: GB, 920MHz ~ 925MHz, GB, 840MHz ~ 845MHz, FCC, 902MHz ~ 928MHz, ETSI, 865MHz ~ 868MHz

Output Power 33dBm (adjustable)

Support tag data filtering

Support RSSI: perceptible signal strength

Support and remote online upgrade

multi-tag reading capability, low leakage rate reading

antenna specially designed to achieve a narrow horizontal beam design, access control coverage is accurate, no blind spots

alarm sensitive, safe and reliable, to achieve zero false positives

RFID security door put more distance wide, the farthest up to 1.8m

Optional built-in warning light and buzzer

Optional anti-theft alarm

Optional prompts new label reading

Stylish, easy assembly




  1501mm×400mm×120mm x 2pcs/set


26Kgs x 2pcs/set (70Kgs/set after wooden package)

Housing Material:

Aluminum + PC

Power supply:

AC 220V±10% 55Hz

Power consumption




Component compatible optional

Main door

Frame x 1set

9dBi antenna x 2pcs or 4pcs

Reader module/controller x 1set

Infrared emission x 1set

RS232 interface x1

RJ45 interface x1

Feeding cable x2pcs

Infrared cable x1pc

Secondary door

Frame x 1set

9dBi antenna x 2pcs or 4pcs

Infrared emission x 1set

Feeding cable x2pcs

Infrared cable x1pc



ISO/IEC18000-6C / EPC C1Gen2


USA:902 MHz-928MHz (FCC part 15)

EU:865-868MHz (ETSI EN 302208) optional

Reading Distance:

0-1.8m width for 1set

Operational Environment

Working Temperature:

-20 - +60°C

Storage Temperature:

-30 - +70°C

Relative Humidity:

10%-95% RH  no condensing



RFID Gate Reader Package


RFID Access Control Gate Reader Demo

1.     To easier test and check reader’s performance, all series Clou IOT RFID readers have same Demo software based on Windows PC OS Compatibly. All Clou IOT series mobile handheld terminals of Android Windows CE OS have same related mobile App.

2.    Our software including all functions testing: single RFID reading, multi-tag reading, tag writing, different antenna reading, different parameters configuration to customize performance, RFID setting interfaces, software version information, multiple readers working mode and so on

3.    API, interface development instruction and related example code could be offered freely

4.    All Clou RFID reader developers of Clou’s clients/partners could share our complete SDK freely. Please kindly call your Clou sales consultant to ask for them.

5.    Clou group will organize hardware/software development technical training for our devices users each season. Welcome to visit our company or demand complete aftersales manuals.


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