Fixed RFID Reader Series

Hopeland RFID technologies already have achievements in internet of vehicles, industrial 4.0, asset management, logstic warehousing, intelligent transportation, intelligent weighing, production processing,smart power grids. Kinds of successful projects and R&D experiences help us have big progress in IOT area.

Intelligent RFID Parking System
Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing
Warehouse Management
Retail Management
Assets Management
Document Management
Banking Management
RFID System School Bus Safety Management Technology
Innovative New Products

New designed masterpiece - Online / Interaction / Data intelligence The new era is coming. Data collection is not the issue. Hardware is only small part of whole system. Integration with different technologies / hardware of IoT system, with different tools / middle-ware supportable All devices can be online / traceable / remote controlled, interacted / running automatically. Hopeland RFID , not only focus on different RFID reader, handheld terminals but also more care about our users's application.Support your RFID projects higher efficiency / easier engineering / faster implementation.

Innovative New Products
Handheld Terminal

Android/Windows CE OSoptional, two batteries design,ergonomic design,IP65 rugged, 1.3m free drop tested. High RFID performance:Multi-tags and long range reading, up to 10 meters, 200 times/s. Multi-functions:UHF/HF RFID, 1D/2D Barcode, GPS/AGPS, camera, PSAM, 3G WCDMA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,multi-languages surface. Widely applications:Warehouse management, logistic tracking, retail management, smart manufacturing etc. Android sdk WinCE sdk

Handheld Terminal
RFID Reader Series

Advanced: 0-20m long range reading, 400 times/second fast rate. Humanist: RJ45/Wiegand/RS232/RS485 interfaces, support bluetooth and Wi-Fi  extensible. Various: 1, 2, 4, and 8 ports optional, desktop, integrated and split-type available. Applications: Customization services, asset management, inventory, warehouse management, access control, personal tracking, vehicle tracking etc. Android sdk Windows sdk Linux sdk

RFID Reader Series
RFID Antenna

Powerful: Max RFID performance, reading distance up to 1-15m (max 9-20m) Advanced: Excellent multi-tag reading function, >500times each second Industrial: IP66 rugged, applying to kinds of outdoor / severe environment Different Type: Panel/ceramic type, circular/linear polarization, narrow beam/near-field antenna

RFID Antenna
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    There are four important components to make up a UHF RFID system, the host computer, the reader, the antenna and the electronic label. The host computer sends a command to the reader, the reader turns on the RF module to send UHF signals under the control of the host computer commands, a magnetic field is created around the RFID tag by means of an antenna. When the magnetic field is strong enough,...

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