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RFID UHF ABS On-metal Tag
  • RFID UHF ABS On-metal Tag
RFID UHF ABS On-metal Tag
  • Alien H9
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  • Performance Parameter
    Frequency: FCC: 902MHz~928MHz ETSI: 865-868MHz
    Protocol: ISO/IEC 18000-6C
    Chip: Alien H9
    Reading range: 5m
    EPC area: 96bits
    User area: 512bits
    TID area: 64bits
  • Physical Parameter
    Size: 135mm x 22mm x 12.5mm
    Housing Material: ABS
    Weight: 25g/pc
    Package: 200pcs/box
    Installing: 3M adhesive or by screw
  • Enviromental Parameter
    Working Temperature: -40℃~85℃
    Storge Temperature: -45℃~100℃
    Relative Humidity: 5%~95% RH non-condensing
Smart Power Solution
Tool Management Solutions
Traditional tool management methods generally rely on non-automated, paper-based systems to record, track and manage; a few use barcodes to identify and manage assets; but the efficiency is extremely low, with the increase in the number of assets, extremely The earth has increased the burden of management personnel, a serious waste of human resources, and also increased the difficulty of tool management, often resulting in untimely data and high error rates. Often the inventory management is chaotic, and the inbound and outbound data is wrong. If it is left to exist on a large scale for a long time, it will bring great cost problems to the enterprise.

In terms of tool management application technology, traditional automatic identification technologies such as one-dimensional bar code/two-dimensional bar code have also been widely used in the management of item classification and labeling. However, the barcode technology itself relies on the visible light scanning reflection, the recognition rate is low, the barcode is easily damaged and stained, and the amount of stored information is small. Generally, it only identifies a certain type of product, which affects its wide application in logistics management.

Compared with barcode technology, RFID radio frequency identification technology is a typical representative of non-contact long-distance automatic identification technology. RFID technology has high recognition accuracy, reliable performance, large amount of stored information, and oil and sewage resistance, especially suitable for automatic identification requirements in harsh working environments. The use of RFID tags to replace barcodes and other identified goods can effectively complete the automatic management of assets, and realize the automatic collection, automatic processing and report output of asset information.
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