Highway RFID Tolling Solution

Hopeland RFID Toll Solution offers a non-inductive payment - more efficient and accurate non-stop identification of vehicle tags to collect highway tolls.
With the in-depth development of the world economy, the transportation infrastructure has been greatly improved. However, the traffic capacity of the road network is increasingly unable to meet the needs of traffic growth, and traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious, especially at high-speed toll stations. How to realize the effective command, coordinated control and management of various vehicles has become an important issue for traffic safety management department in different countries and regions.
RFID technology (radio frequency identification technology), as a revolutionary solution to security and management, can effectively solve the traffic issues. Hopeland provides a variety of RFID products, including UHF RFID readers, RFID Antennas, RFID vehicle tags, to promote the management of highway toll collections.
Passive RFID technology is used to identify the RFID windshield tags of vehicles entering the expressway, so as to realize the purpose of finally and accurately collecting expressway usage fees through identification records:
  • Developed countries have used high-tech technology to transform the existing road transportation system and management system, so as to achieve the purpose of greatly improving the traffic capacity and service quality of the road network. The needs of developing countries are beginning to emerge. The ETC electronic non-stop toll collection system came into being. ETC is especially suitable for use in highways or bridges and tunnels with heavy traffic. The ETC system not only greatly improves the environmental pollution caused by dense vehicles on the road, reduces the phenomenon of vehicle congestion, and makes driving safer, but also greatly improves the traffic efficiency of the toll collection of the road bridge.
Automatic Toll Collection Based on UHF RFID Technology:

There are 2 solutions for Automatic ETC:
1. Electronic Tolling Collection Plaza: Mainly used for toll collection mode for entering and exiting expressway stations
2. Free Flow Tolling: Mainly used for special roads and bridges, one-way sections

The specific RFID hardware is implemented in a similar way:
1. All vehicles are installed with RFID windshield tag or ABS metal tag as vehicle identification
2. UHF RFID readers are installed in each lane of each toll plaza. According to different on-site environment, some are top-mounted and some are side-mounted, so that the RFID vehicle tags can be quickly identified at the best angle.
3. The RFID system reads the records of each vehicle entering and leaving the expressway or passing the bridge, and it will be charged automatically. Different countries and regions or operators' charging mode may be divided into prepaid or billing mode charging.
4. Most vehicle RFID labels are based on EPC Class1 G2 protocol. Hopeland UHF RFID Readers or RFID Antennas support the latest EPC C1 /C2G2, ISO18000-6C protocol, and they can help your projects perform more efficiently.
5. Some projects request the ultimate in transaction security. EPC Class 2 tags are enhanced Gen 2 Class 1 tags. They contain all Class 1 functions and extended TAG ID (TID), extended user memory, authenticated access control and other functions that will be defined in the Class 2 specification.
RFID Tag: NXP®UCODE®DNA Orbit EPC Class 2 Gen 2
This advanced RAIN RFID chip can provide accurate automatic tracking, while also providing secure product certification based on AES encryption.

RFID toll is becoming a modern and effective solution of highway payment now. As a leading of RFID device manufacturer, Hopeland offers you various reliable and efficient RFID readers & solutions. Contact us to get your ideal highway RFID toll solution!

  • N
    Non-stop, Insensitive Tolling
    Drivers don't need to stop, don't need to pay in cash, and get through toll lanes quickly.
  • R
    Wireless Passvie RFID technology
    Based on International UHF RFID technologies to Improve heavy traffic pressure
  • C
    Unmanned, More Cost-effective
    No need for labor or greatly reduce labor work to reduce operating costs
  • S
    Intelligent System helps big transportation capctity
    Big data systems are smarter and more flexible, Real time and Humanistic for users
  • All-weather Use
    Hopeland ETC RFID Reader support IP65 67 rugged outdoor environment
  • High integration
    High integrated hardware solution helps easy installation
  • International
    Hopeland RFID supports different international protocols, compatible with or replacing the original old generation equipment
  • Different
    Different type RFID reader support different payment request
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