RFID Vending Machine, RFID Smart Refrigerator

RFID smart refrigerator enables you buy food and beverages anytime and anywhere
With the rising cost of human resources and the increasing demand for the ultimate shopping experience, consumers are more comfortable with access to food and beverages anytime and anywhere. This has led to the emergence of smart new retail methods such as unmanned convenience stores, smart refrigerators, and smart vending machines. Among them, unmanned vending machines are one of the most common ones in daily life.

At same time, retail companies need to track all goods inventory status, improve operational efficiency, save labor cost and analysis customer's purchase trend to increase revenue. RFID technology can help them achieve it effortlessly. Nowadays, RFID technology is widely used in retail. The automatic retail fridge is built with RFID UHF hardware, so that retailers can track the goods status at any time. More importantly, smart RFID refrigerators enable buyer to finish purchase process alone and automatically.
As a smooth and distraction-free shopping way, smart RFID refrigerators have various advantages:
  • Self-service, no human intervention,
  • Fast checkout, no waiting
  • Enhance consumer shopping experience
  • Cater to the consumption habits of young people
  • Save labor cost for merchants
  • Accurately grasp the inventory situation and replenish in time
By installing the RFID module + RFID antenna in the freezer, the food and beverages in the freezer can be checked in real time:

The basic principle of RFID smart fridge - After customers take out the items, the smart RFID refrigerator can identify which items have been taken out, and then make settlement.

The working components of RFID smart fridge - The RFID reader reads the label. The electric lock controls the door switch of the freezer. The POS machine installed on the door of the freezer is responsible for swiping the card for settlement, and the Android industrial computer is responsible for the operation of the entire system.

The operation process of RFID smart fridge - System uses the RFID cards as the information carrier of food. When food in the refrigerator or smart shelves, the card reader which is installed in the refrigerator or shelf reads the food RFID information and stores in the database, and monitors the state of food. When food will be expired or exhausted, the system will prompt. Then users or managers can obtain real-time food information via SMS, email etc.

The specific process to achieve Unmanned shelves and refrigerators are as follows :
1.Place the electronic labels on the packaging of each goods.
2.Put the electronic tag of the goods into a cabinet equipped with a RFID reader and antenna.
3.RFID Readers read all the labels information to monitor the status of all goods in the closet.
4.When someone opens the door, the RFID reader can not read the information of a product. The system thinks the product is out of the closet.
5.Indicating that the customer has the intention to buy the product, the screen prompts the customer to confirm whether to buy.
6.If you confirm the purchase and enter the payment process, pay successfully and complete the purchase. If the customer does not buy it, it will be ready to put out the goods back to the closet.

  • Automatic replenishment
    The system can be connected to the supply chain system through the Internet network, and have the automatic replenishment function.
  • Automatica purchase
    When the corresponding goods are to be used up, the system will automatically submit the order according to the set rules.
  • quick check and the statistics
    Can carry on the quick check and the statistics function, combined with the management system can quickly understand the type and cost of the inventory.
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