Smart Retail Store

Smart Retail, Easy Shopping, Free and Enjoy.
Pain points in traditional retail stores
Operating aspects:
The operating costs of common convenience stores continue to rise
The cost of rent
convenience stores and merchants are more and more concerned with the capital. But the store resources are relatively scarce, and the pressure on the rising cost of rent will continue to exist in the future.
Labor costs
The decline of the working age workforce increases the labor cost. The increase of convenience store staff mobility and the increase of personnel costs and management costs.
The cost of water and electricity
The relative area is larger and the water power consumption is more.
Consumer aspects:
Purchasing daily necessities is inconvenient and far away.
There is no 24-hour store in the evening, and difficult to meet any emergency.
Unmanned supermarket era, consumers in the shelves before each pick up, put down, or even hesitant duration will be accurate records, precipitation for the consumer big data. This new technology-enabled retail retains the cost and efficiency advantages of traditional retailing and offers a better user experience and service than traditional e-commerce.
  • Whole payment table and PC, no change, real-time settlement
  • Cash and double checking , anti-chief system
  • System API with end user’s data base
  • 24 hours open shelves, free to choose
  • Save time queuing, but also support the use of coupon settlement
  • According to user purchase data, adjust the delivery category and frequency as needed
The realization of the smart retail store system based on RFID UHF technology is as follows:

At present, with the penetration of artificial intelligence in various fields, the concept of unmanned shop has gradually entered the public view. The new retail store does not need to queue up, pick up and go, self-help, no cashier, no salesman. For the first time to enter the store, you need to bind the mobile phone and scan the palmprint, but next time, the old customer can scan the palmprint directly to enter the store. After entering, you can look at it casually and take it freely. There will be a special label on each product. Take the products you want, go to the exit, the large screen will automatically display the purchase of products and prices, when the scavenging is paid, the door will open automatically.
System description:
1. The focus of the cashier desk is avoid of misread the label on the shelf, control the reading distance within 0.3 meters, using near-field antenna.
2. Access control scan is the key and difficult of entire program: to ensure that can be scanned all the goods label inside the door and not misread the label on the shelf, using near-field antenna array.
3. Cashier desk scanning the basic process:
Scan the goods to be purchased;
Display the product name, quantity and price on the screen;
Customer confirmation and payment;
Background system to complete the mark of paid goods through electronic tag TID ;
4. Access scanning basic process:
Scan the label TID, upload to the background and check the pay state, if found the product label without pay, the system lock and alarm.

Tag cost will be lower than 3*8 hour swift of shop assistant in totally
Supply chain data basic from the owner business big data
How to control lost? – Down load app, real name authentication , black list, police alarm, web camera

  • Better self-copying capabilities:
    Better self-copying capabilities:
    Unmanned convenience store can share a set of background management system, streamlining the initial preparation process of the convenience store opening, has a very strong self-replication capabilities.
  • Significantly reduce labor costs:
    Significantly reduce labor costs:
    Unmanned convenience stores need only a small number of staff for inventory replenishment and merchandise display, drastically reducing labor costs, and due to the use of unoccupied forms of cash, shorten the customer checkout waiting time.
  • More flexible site selection, higher efficiency:
    More flexible site selection, higher efficiency:
    Unmanned convenience store compared to the traditional convenience store more "compact", location more flexible, you can go deep into the community or office space.
  • Easy access to offers:
    Easy access to offers:
    For customers, it is possible to know real-time offers in different stores or whether special items are available. It is a more relaxed and free way to shop in privacy without interruption. Very human.
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