RFID Tag Sticker for Vehicle Windshield

Anti-transfer and tamper-proof,
anti-UV ultraviolet design, widely used in vehicle
electronic environmental protection information
card, high-speed non-stop electronic toll collection,
self-service parking, vehicle free travel, vehicle
blocking guide, vehicle speeding and other violation
management, simple vehicle identification, vehicle annual
inspection tracking management, logistics supply chain digital
warehousing etc.
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RFID Tag Sticker for Vehicle Windshield CL7203L8
  • Reliable: Alien H9/ Impinj M4 chip
  • High performance: reading distance up to 25m.
  • Flexible application: ITS, ETC, vehicle management, parking management
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  • Performance parameter
    Frequency: 860-960MHz (CN, ETSI, FCC standard customized)
    Protocol: ISO/IEC 18000-6C EPC global GEN2 Class1
    Chip: M4QT/H9
    Sensitivity: -17dB--19dB
    Reading range: Up to 1-25m reading distance
    Writing range: 0-8m
    EPC area: 96bits
    User area: 512bits
    TID area: 32bits
    Access password: 32 bits
    Kill password: 32 bits
    Working mode: Passive
    Data storage: >10 years
    Rewriting: >100000 times
    Polarization: Liner polarization
  • Physical parameter
    Size: 110X40mm(±0.5mm)
    Housing Material: PET film, special fragile Paper
    Weight: 1.5g/pc
    Package: 1000~3000pcs/roll
    Installing: with self adhesive
    Working temperature: -20℃~75℃
    Storage temperature -40℃~80℃
    Relative humidity: 5%~95% RH non-condensing
Intelligent Transportation
Highway RFID Tolling
With the in-depth development of the world economy, the transportation infrastructure has been greatly improved. However, the traffic capacity of the road network is increasingly unable to meet the needs of traffic growth, and traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious, especially at high-speed toll stations. How to realize the effective command, coordinated control and management of various vehicles has become an important issue for traffic safety management department in different countries and regions.
RFID technology (radio frequency identification technology), as a revolutionary solution to security and management, can effectively solve the traffic issues. Hopeland provides a variety of RFID products, including UHF RFID readers, RFID Antennas, RFID vehicle tags, to promote the management of highway toll collections.
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Intelligent Transportation
RFID Parking Access
Currently the vehicle management of parking yard mainly depends on manual recording, through manual transcribing the identification number at the front of the vehicle sequence number (the car in front of the bar code) registration identification.

Registered vehicles cannot be ensured in the field, although for different zoning, established the identity of cardboard. When we want to find out a specific vehicle, the process will be much time-consuming and cumbersome. Sometimes, some cars are not observed, the presence of area stopped for a long time and has not been sold. The stock situation cannot be timely to be controlled. For this situation, we need to implement automatic vehicle access registration, to achieve partition statistics, sales statistics, long stay and early-warning capabilities, making it imperative. Therefore, we need a new system to replace the existing system, which using more scientific and reasonable methods to reach vehicle monitoring.
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Assest Management
Fixed Asset Management
The IT resource management department conducts unified management of the unit's IT equipment assets. At present, the asset management department adopts the traditional manual recording method together with office software and other tools to realize the input and statistics of asset data in the IT asset management of the computer room. The performance is as follows:
1) During the inventory and inspection of IT assets, the management personnel manually confirm the registration cards on the assets one by one, which is a huge workload. Under the current resource situation, it is almost impossible to complete the work of inventorying the assets one by one.
2) The management department defines the asset status information including in the library, entered into the account (after acceptance), reported loss, pending loss, not entered into the account (the contract has been purchased, but not entered into the account), etc. Assets in different states are saved through different databases , which not only easily causes confusion in data management, but also brings a lot of trouble to statistics and query.
3) The data of IT assets are classified and stored by year, which is inconvenient for query and statistics.
4) While doing asset management, it is also engaged in contract management functions. The current data cannot distinguish the asset ledger list one by one.
5) The device status information cannot be obtained in real time.
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Warehousing & Logistics
Smart Warehousing
Modern warehouse storage is not only to complete the simple batch processing of goods in and out, but also to make clear database records of the types, quantities, production attributes, stacking positions and other information of goods in the warehouse. In order to obtain accurate product data and supply chain information at all stages of the logistics chain.

At present, the one-dimensional barcode/two-dimensional barcode identification technology has been widely used in the management of item classification and labeling. However, its barcode technology relies on visible light scanning reflection, has low recognition rate, is easy to break, contaminates, is sensitive to media such as water and oil, and stores a limited amount of information, which affects its application in large-scale logistics management.

RFID radio frequency identification technology is a typical representative of automatic identification technology. It has high recognition accuracy, reliable performance, large amount of stored information, resistance to oil and sewage washing, etc. It is especially suitable for automatic identification requirements in industrial environments. The use of RFID tags to replace barcodes and other identification products can effectively complete the automatic management of warehousing and realize automatic collection, automatic processing and information reporting of product information.
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