RFID Provide Ideal Solution for Logistics and Warehouse

The T-mall “Double Eleven” event just pasted last week, the logistics industry around China are facing the greatest challenge in this year. Billions of packages have to be delivered as fast as possible to the clients. There is no doubt that the RFID technology could well assist the delivery and highly increase efficiency. RFID tag with re...

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RFID Handheld Scanner in Property Management Applications

With the development of society and the constant construction of cities, various office buildings, commercial buildings and residential buildings have mushroomed and become the rulers of social development. However, the management, maintenance, repair problems always let the user complain a lot, or even frequently negative feedback. So ho...

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Baby Care Medical System with RFID Technology

Does the medical industry need RFID technology? The answer is yes. The fact that newborn infants are often characterized by similarities and are indistinguishable and lack their own ability to understand and express themselves and, if not effectively identified, often cause misidentification to be replaced. For the newborn baby, RFID tag ...

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RFID Technology Work for European Flight Company

In the past year, aircraft manufacturers used RFID solutions to meet the needs of Airbus and Boeing. To meet requirement, Brady, an industrial and security printing technology company, has released the second generation of aviation RFID solutions to provide complete RFID printing and encoding solutions for UHF RFID system customers. As pa...

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Document Management System Based on RFID Technology

With the rapid development of Internet technology and barcode technology, under the existing technical conditions, the combination of RFID technology and the construction of digital archives, building a highly efficient and highly modernized archives has become possible. File management system based on RFID technology consists of a centra...

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RFID Helps Production Self-organizing - Vision of Industry 4.0

The dream of an extremely flexible production structure would be that workstations are standing freely in the production hall grouped by certain production functions. The orders would navigate autonomously from workstation to workstation guided by their own working plans and by both efficiency and engineering KPIs. They would communicate ...

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RFID Handheld Terminal for Hotel Applications

The hotel is a comprehensive service group integrating dining, accommodation and entertainment. When the transaction or process become more and more, unable to meet the rapid trading needs of the business, it will cause a lot of business loss, and will face a difficult bottleneck. Therefore, RFID handheld terminal for data collection and ...

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RFID Technology Support Security Industry

At present, many industries have used RFID technology. RFID technology is closely related to the security industry, RFID technology plays an important role in applications such as intelligent transportation, intelligent parking, intelligent access control, RF anti-theft and other products and solutions. Intelligent parking With the vigoro...

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How to Choose an Ideal RFID Reader

Not all of the RFID reader devices with same specification, because different environmental conditions. So how to choose an ideal RFID reader products for your projects? First of all to understand the four parts of RFID system: tags, RFID readers, antennas, management software. 1. Distinguish what RFID protocol If the reader is different ...

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