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Hopeland Made a Strong Appearance at 20th IOTE

  • Time:2023-09-25
  • Author:Hopeland
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Hopeland made a strong appearance at the 20th lOTE in Shenzhen, China, September 20-22, which has been a well-known platform to share the latest achievements in the Internet of Things related to the discovery of sensing, telecommunications, security, artificial intelligence and other modern technologies. In addition, the conference also set up an exhibition hall for the Internet of Things industry from technological progress to solution processing, allowing professional groups and enterprises to show their talents.


Hopeland has been improving technology for decades and is a golden partner of IMPINJ, whose advanced chips allow us to update our RFlD equipment. Deeply engaged in RFID industry for 14 years, in this exhibition, we showed our latest IoT solutions to participants, including RFID hardware devices and related software, and received extensive attention from friends from different countries, such as the United States, Pakistan, Russia, India, Brazil, France, Poland, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, etc.

The RFID star equipment we displayed at the exhibition also received eager inquiries and strong attention from many foreign visitors; the following are some of the equipment:

1. Shine Series Integrated RFID Reader HH100

HH100 Powered by Impinj E710 chipset for maximum tag detection performance, with android 9.0 OS based open development environment. It supports web management platform, supports MQTT provides real-time, reliable messaging services for connecting cloud servers and supports HTTP POST communication to send the tag data to the web URL directly. What's more, it contains kinds of communication interfaces: RJ45, RS485, Wiegand, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G, POE.

2. Smart Series UHF RFID Module

UHF RFID module(1/4/8/16/24-port) provides a wide power supply range (dc4.5v ~ 6V). These are configured GPIO interface (IO1-IO4, IO1 / IO2 as input and IO3 / IO4 as output). Users can easily communicate with their own equipment through UART-TTL pin on the interface of UHF RFID module.

3. Handheld Terminal Wing HY820

Built with 1D Barcode, QR code, Camera, GPS, Hopeland Android RFID reader can bring a new level of efficiency and accuracy to inventory management, order fulfillment, and asset tracking. It also has a 10000mAh battery supporting quick-charge and runs with Impinj Indy R2000/ E710 RAIN RFID upgradable, offering you superior RFID read performance.


This 20th IOTE provides a good opportunity for many companies in this industry, allowing their good ideas and products to be seen by a wider range of people. It is also a new industry milestone, providing new impetus for our efforts to promote technological innovation. In the future, our company will enjoy a spiral upward, providing more and smarter RFID solutions to the industry to accelerate its modernization. Welcome to contact us for more information about Hopeland and our reliable RFID equipment.

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