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How RFID Devices Facilitate the Jewelry Business

  • Time:2022-12-29
  • Author:Hopeland
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The introduction of RFID technology enjoys growing importance for industries to manage their businesses. Among the affected fields, the jewelry industry has benefited because well-arranged RFID devices can remedy the loopholes in management.

If you are interested in how RFID devices have helped in this industry, check it out.

RFID Devices: A Remedy in Many Aspects

Jewelry is a luxury regarded as a medium of imperishable value. However, the industry is still under rather traditional management, which is the major culprit of most management issues.

1) Goods management

Compared to inventory and management of traditional goods, which depends on mass production, jewelry cannot produce in a great amount because their designs are highly personal with huge differences in features, sizes, and materials. Therefore, there is no 100% identical goods management. At the same time, their basic information should perfectly match the single object to avoid costly loss. This is why regular checking is inevitable.

2) Client management

Jewelry selling depends on an in-depth knowledge of clients and a grasp of the fashion trend. A comprehensive collection of clients' tendencies and market trend is necessary for maintaining the purchasing rate.

3) Real-time monitoring

RFID devices on the showcase can facilitate the monitoring and tracking process in a way to improve selling. Besides, the devices manage to be a guard for valuable stuff. When the jewelry is not at its spot in a certain period or the weight is not at the pre-set range, the warning will be activated. After all, the RFID devices will forge real-time management that is good for the development of this industry.

How Can Hopeland RFID Technology Help

As a leading company in the RFID technology sector, Hopeland has been committed to providing more developed RFID devices for pushing up digitization in many industries.

The RFID system for jewelry stores encompasses an RFID antenna, UHF RFID reader, and RFID tags. The antenna can work with the RFID reader to compose a magnetic field, transmitting the information to the RFID tags to achieve automatic identification.

1) 9dBi Platy UHF RFID Antenna

1. Wide coverage: Able to process a reading distance range of up to 10m

2. Excellent efficiency: offer maximum efficiency and performance across the entire frequency band

3. High compatibility: compatible with RFID readers with different brands

4. Experienced: have been supplied to a wide range of industries and stores

2) IoT Android RFID Reader

1. Updated chips: adapts to Impinj R2000/E710 chip, enabling the readers to process RFOUT up to 33dbm.

2. Handy: adapting to an easy remote configuration

Generally speaking, the UHF RFID reader has been welcomed by several markets and received great market responses.

3) Long Reading UHF RFID Jewelry Label CL7203L5

This type of RFID label has taken full consideration of the features of this industry, thus being an integral device for establishing a sound RFID system for jewelry stores.

RFID labels are the "identity card" where the basic information about the jewelry is recorded. The RFID labels can be hung on luxuries for more easy regulation.


Traditional RFID technology, mainly pivoted to warehouse management, is time and money-consuming with slow effects, which is why most jewelry owners refuse to turn to RFID devices for help. However, the development of RFID technology has witnessed several RFID devices targeting the pain points for the jewelry industry to forge an RFID system with jewelry selling at its core.

And the RFID devices provided by Hopeland, a leading RFID technology enterprise, have experienced several updates to cater to the more complicated market demands. For decades, we have been investing in RFID device upgrades and improvements, which is why our RFID devices can receive many positive market responses.

Now, if you want to upgrade your business management more systematically and scientifically, you can reach out to us.

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