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RFID Technology - Key to Ensuring Accuracy at WURKZ 2022 Mountain Bike Serie

  • Time:2022-04-29
  • Author:鸿陆技术
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Recently, the WURKZ 2022 Mountain Bike Series, which has been away for a year, announced its return. The event cycle will be completed in five rounds from May to December.

Event organizer and founder Pierre Yves Catry said: “The new season of the mountain bike series will use an RFID system that records race results by identifying tags attached to the bikes associated with them and automatically transmits them to a computer. Combining the new system with the results of the scoring jury will ultimately make the scoring process more accurate.

The event organizer has placed rfid reading and writing devices at the starting line, the finish line and the middle of the line. When the contestants pass through the reading and writing equipment, they will read the ID information of the RFID tags on their wrists, and record the time at that time, The software system will process and display the information, so that the time of starting and reaching the finish line can be accurately and reliably recorded, saving human resources, ensuring the fairness of the competition, and ensuring the accuracy of the game timing.

(Source of this article: RFID World Network)

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