UHF RFID antenna 15m
12dBi Long Range RFID Antenna CL7205M
Original appearance designed high-end UHF RFID Antenna, high gain but low standing-wave ratio brings best performance. Engineering plastic housing, rugged construction, high protection level for wide using with our CL7206C2/B2 fixed reader, such as assets tracking, warehouse management, intelligent traffic management, vehicle tracking, production line management, intelligent weight measurement etc. 
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Home Products RFID Antenna 12dBi Long Range RFID Antenna CL7205M


Powerful: Max RFID performance, reading distance up to 1-20m (max 10-30m)
Advanced: Excellent multi-tag reading function, >400time each second
Industrial: IP66 rugged, applying to kinds of severe environment
Wide using: Best for long reading distance application such as warehousing, logistic, production, yard

         Size:                                445*445*40mm
         Weight:                               1950g
         Housing Material:                Aluminum + Engineering plastic ASA
         Protection level:                   IP66
         Frequency:                        840-960MHz adjustable
         Gain 9 dBi
         “H”beam angle:                70°
         “E” beam angle:                 70°
         Front-back:                            ≥20 dB
         Polarization:                           Right Circular or Left Circular
         Impedance:                            50 (Ω)
         VSWR:                                    <1.3:1
         Maximum Input Power:         100W
         Connector:                             SMA- male or Customizable
         IM.3rd Order(2x43dBm):        <-150dBc
         Lightning Protection:              DC to ground
         Operational Environment
         Working Temperature:        -30 - +70°C
         Storage Temperature:        -40 - +85°C
         Atmospheric Pressure:         86kPa~108kPa
         Relative Humidity:                 5%-95% RH  no condensing


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