RFID antenna concentrator
Expanding RFID Antenna Concentrator /Splitter / Hub CL7206A3
CL7206A3 is an expanding RFID antenna concentrator hub. the signal control can be achieved by single or multiple input multiple output-input single-output functions, applications in the implementation of the project can greatly reduce project investment, reduce the difficulty of construction, mainly used in the electronic tag density, identifying the location of high precision applications.
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Home Products RFID Antenna Expanding RFID Antenna Concentrator /Splitter / Hub CL7206A3
Operating frequency: 840 ~ 928MHz
Multi-channel expansion: Support 1 input 16 output;
Or 16 inputs 1 output
Strong Scalability: supports up to 15 parallel extensions
It supports up to 15x16 extended antenna
Communication: RS485
Appearance: all-metal, easy to install
typical application
logistics industry such as warehouse inventory management, cargo tracking allocation;
library management;
file management;

staff attendance management

RFID antenna concentrator


Key performance indicators

antenna ports: 17, wherein 1 input 16 output to be reversed: 16 inputs 1 output
★ RS485: communication rate 115200bps (default) effective communication distance: ≤80m Addressing number 15 (invalid address 0)
operating frequency: 840MHz-928MHz
antenna input and output ports: Full SMA female
       SWR≤1.5 (902MHz ~ 928MHz), ≤1.8 (840MHz ~ 845MHz), ≤1.6 (865MHz ~ 868MHz)
       IL≤3dB (840MHz-928MHz)
       Antenna port isolation: ≥60dB (840MHz-928MHz)
Supply voltage: DC5V ± 0.5V power consumption: 350mW
input RF power: Max 10W
Hub: can extend up to 15 parallel (does not support multi-level extension)
expand the number of antennas: a maximum of 15x16 (15 Hub addresses, each antenna output hub 16)
Installation: Wall-mounted screws







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