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Middle Reader Distance RFID Reader Module CL7206D3
Handheld RFID Reader integration
Split-type Fixed RFID Reader integration
Integrated RFID Reader 
RFID Tag Writer
RFID embedded equipment such as Tag Printer,  ATM, anti-counterfeiting equipment, identification system equipment, WMS system channel equipment and so on, intelligent mobile phone, handheld terminal, desktop reader, industrial control device and so on
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Home Products RFID Module Middle Reader Distance RFID Reader Module CL7206D3

Powerful: Developed based on PR9200 core platform

Cost effective: Low power dissipation, small size, a single SOC solution

Excellent: Max UHF RFID Chip performance

Advanced: Digital signal processing highly integrated structure

Humanist: miniaturization design for easier integration application

Omnipotent: API simplification packed for kinds of device development

Size:                                          28mm x 25mm x 3.15mm 
Weight:                                             7g  
Housing Material:                         PCB  
Power supply:                                   DC +3.3V/5V  
Consume:                                   3W (at 25dBm)  
Antenna interface:                         1 port available  
Protocol:                                             ISO/IEC18000-6B,6C / EPC C1Gen2 all complement demands
Frequency:                                   USA:902 MHz-928MHz (FCC part 15) 
                                                         EU:865-868MHz(ETSI EN 302208)


Functions:                                              Read single/multi-tag, write, lock, encrypt, kill the appointed tag

Decoding method:                          FM0, Miller 2/4/8
Supported data rate:                       40k,160k,320k,400k
Output Power:                                  15dBm-30dBm(±1dBm) adjustable
Maximum output power:                 700mA @ +25dBm
Power adjustment:                          1dBm step-by-step  
Channel bandwidth:                          <200KHz  
Frequency stability:                          ≤±10ppm  
Output VSWR:                                ≤1.3:1 (depending on antennas )
Interface:                                               UART(TTL)  
Work Mode:                                    Fixed/hop frequency optional 
Communication speed:                10m/100m self-adaptable 
Reading speed:                               >100times/S  
I/O interface:                                  2 optcoupler input/ 1 relay output
Anti-collision:                                 Excellent ant-collision algorithm,support intensive multi-tag reading
Software:                                       Support RSSI ,antenna/power detection, online update, data filtering   
Testing condition:                            Connected 8dBi liner polarization antenna
Reading Distance:                           0-6m (depending on antennas and application environment)

Writing Distance:                           0-3m (depending on environment)

Operational Environment 

Working Temperature:                 -20 - +70°C  
Storage Temperature:                            -45 - +85°C  
Related humidity:                            10%-95%  
Documentation:                                      API; Development Guide; User manual


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