RFID Software

RFID Software

Raspberry Pi Gateway UHF RFID Reader HL7206C9

Raspberry Pi Gateway UHF RFID Reader HL7206C9

Excellent: Raspbian OS based on Linux OS carrying ARM CPU keepsworking without crash
Unique: Owned-Intellectual property, cooperated with easily developable Raspberry Pi 3 TM
Intelligent: Can run middleware management software, max control 10 RFID device at same time,
Developable: Open internal application development environment, can run customer application software, programming language support python, JAVA and so on.
Products Details

What it can do?  
What benefit it can bring?
✓As a host computer plus Clou 4-port RFID reader 
✓Speeding up much time of project implementation
✓As a Gateway controller plus Clou 4-port RFID reader
✓Simplifies RFID hardware development
✓As a monitor of installed RFID reader 
✓Easy multi-readers in same system in different points
✓As anadministrator of each sub points
✓Visual reader working states / data collection


  Powerful: Impinj R2000 platform and double power amplifier synthetic circuit

  Advanced: Max RFID module and antenna performance
  Excellent: Raspberry OS based on Linux OS carrying ARM CPU keeps working without crash
  Unique: Can run middleware management software, max control 10 RFID device at same time,
  Developable: Can run customer application software,  programming language support python, JAVA and so on.
  Humanist: Kinds of communication interfaces supportable, Bluetooth, WIFI wireless methods extensible, keyboard mouse supportable
  Efficient: easier equipment deployment, networking building, faster for projects carrying out successfully.

  Adaptable: Excellent rugged design for kinds of industrial environments such as production line, forklift

Main Applications:

  1, Parking lot vehicle management;                          4, Logistics /warehousing management;

  2, Barrier gate suppliers;                                          5, Asset inventory
  3, Intelligent weighing class applications                   6, Production line management




Power protection:

Overcurrent protection(more than 3A currency)



Antenna interface:

4×TNC interface

Housing Material:

Casting Aluminum

Protection level:


Power supply:

DC 24V/2.5A

Anti-shock design:

Apply to ship, train, land vehicles and other vehicle equipment shaking grade



ISO/IEC18000-6B,6C / EPC C1Gen2

Work Mode:

Fixed/hop frequency optional


USA:902 MHz-928MHz (FCC part 15)

Communication speed

10m/100m self-adaptable

EU:865-868MHz(ETSI EN 302208)

Reading speed

>400times/ second


I/O interface

4 opt coupler input/ 4 relay output

Other customizable


Support multi-tag reading,intensive reading

Output Power:

0dBm-33dBm(±1dBm) adjustable


Support ClouIoT RFID middleware management software

Power adjustment:

1dBm step-by-step

Support client application program

Channel bandwidth:


Support RSSI 

Frequency stability:


antenna detection


RS-232 serial port, RS-485

online software update(RS485 or RJ45 remoting)


data filtering


External antenna

4x 9dBi /6dBi /12dBi RFID antenna/ Bluetooth antenna optional

Wiegand 26 34 66

Reading Distance:

0-12m (depending on environment)

2*USB2.0 Host support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, keyboard and mouseand so on; support HDMI display output connector

Writing Distance:

0-6m(depending on environment)

Operational Environment

Working Temperature:

-20 - +70°C

Atmospheric Pressure:


Storage Temperature:

-45 - +85°C

Relative Humidity:

5%-95% RH  no condensing



Demo software; API; Development Guide; User manual

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    Any inquiries and suggestions are welcomed and we are pleased to answer no matter for our company, products or services.