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Small Size Long Range RFID Anti-Metal Tag CL7203E-2525

Small Size Long Range RFID Anti-Metal Tag CL7203E-2525

UHF RFID anti-metal tag, Ceramic. Size: 25mm×25mm×3.5mm

Applications: Outdoor equipments management, power cable management,Assets management, tool management

  • Frequency:

    902-928MHZ ; 866-868MHZ
  • Air Protocols:

    ISO/IEC 18000-6C EPC global GEN2 Class1
Products Details

1. Reliable: Alien A3/ Impinj M4 chip

2. Small size: 25mm×25mm×3.5mm

3. High performance: reading distance up to 6m.

4. Flexible application: asset management, tools management, equipment management.



902MHz~928MHz; ETSI: 865-868MHz


ISO/IEC 18000-6C EPC global GEN2 Class1


Alien H3 / Impinj M4


Liner polarization 


-17dB -19dB

Reading range


Writing range


EPC area


User area


TID area


Access password

32 bits 

Kill password

32 bits

Working mode


Data storge




Housing Material






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The CL7206D3 module is a miniaturized and cost-effective UHF RFID reader module. The single-chip RFID SOC scheme is specially designed for the size limited embedded RFID application environment.The user only needs power supply to work through the UART port control module, which is easy to be integrated into various electronic equipment.

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Original appearance designed high-end UHF RFID Antenna, high gain but low standing-wave ratio brings best performance. Engineering plastic housing, IP66 rugged.  Widely used with our CL7206C/B fixed reader for assets tracking, warehouse management, intelligent traffic management, vehicle tracking, production line management, intelligent weight measurement etc.

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