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  • Information Packaging  ---- RFID Technology Bottled Water
    Information Packaging ---- RFID Technology Bottled Water 2019-11-20

    RFID technology has been recognized in various industries, and its identification and anti-counterfeiting technology has allowed food safety to be fully certified. “Information Packaging” is the key to realizing the application of IoT technology in food products. In today's rapid development of information technology, smart packaging is also a new technology, through the use of global interoperability, lifetime unique electronic identity RFID electronic tags to allow items to be interconnected. The information packaging is interconnected with related equipment to automatically record all aspects of bottled water production, circulation and consumption. Transform the item logistics process into a digital information flow that can be accurately tracked. This RFID electronic tag converts bottled water from production to storage, logistics, distribution, and empty barrel reflow to a set of real data streams. RFID technology bottled water to achieve "one bucket and one yard" to make drinking water safer. The original intention of "one bucket and one yard" is to establish an informatized, digital process synchronized with the real thing, which is used to calibrate each working node, from production to distribution. In this way, consumers are guaranteed to obtain qualified products and can trace the possible product quality problems.

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  • The hero of the unmanned supermarket -
    The hero of the unmanned supermarket - 2019-11-14

    The hero of the unmanned supermarket - "RFID" Unmanned supermarkets-----new retail, retail stores can achieve "unmanned goods" without the help of cashiers. International giant Amazon acquired offline retail mall to open a new offline store Amazon Go. There is no need to queue up to check out the physical store: brush the phone into the store, select the product, get the goods, and then leave! Do not line up and not checkout, take it and leave. The emergence of unmanned supermarkets is inextricably linked to the use of RFID technology. The products of the unmanned supermarket are tagged with "RFID" electronic tags, which use the latest true 3D technology of impinj, the tag dual antenna, the reading effect is not limited by the reader antenna, and can be well recognized in space 360 degrees. It is a major innovative technology in the field of UHF RFID. The electronic tag combines with the read and write system in the automatic cash register to help consumers complete the payment. There are some problems to be solved in unmanned supermarkets, but the more convenient economic lifestyle has become an era trend.

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  •  The Anti-Counterfeiting System of Alcohol Based on RFID Technology
    The Anti-Counterfeiting System of Alcohol Based on RFID Technology 2019-11-07

         Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) can realize the tracking and information sharing of goods in the world by combining with Internet technology. It is the direction of enterprise information development in the future. The anti-counterfeiting system of alcohol based on RFID technology, which is made of large-scale integrated circuit, has the characteristics of high processing difficulty, low cost, and can be certified by the enterprise, etc., which will bring a revolutionary breakthrough to the anti-counterfeiting technology of alcohol. This solution applies RFID technology to wine and other containers with caps, and realizes the anti-counterfeiting of commodities through the bottle structure design and background authentication system.      The system consists of specially designed bottle cap and bottle body, RFID reader, communication network and anti-counterfeiting database server. When the wine bottle is opened, the sharp surface of the cutting device at the bottle mouth will cut off the connection between the antenna and the chip, so that the RFID reader cannot read the chip code on the top of the wine bottle cover, so as to prevent the second use of the wine bottle. In this system, in addition to the unique coding of the RF chip, the reader writer also has the unique coding, and is registered in the anti-counterfeiting database of the distillery or the third party. The unique code of the reader writer is bound to the registered user (usually the store or restaurant of the sales terminal). Only the registered reader writer can query the chip code information. Therefore, only commodities sold through regular channels can access the anti-counterfeiting database. For consumers, the authenticity of the wine can be judged by checking the information on the display screen of the seller's reader writer.      As for the realization of the system, the wine manufacturers only need to install RFID related equipment in the wine cap and bottle processing link of the original production line, and establish anti-counterfeiting database. The manufacturer uses integrated technology to attach special RF chips and antennas to the original bottle cap and bottle body, and registers the corresponding codes of these labels into the product information in the anti-counterfeiting database. At the same time, it provides the wholesalers or hotel salesmen with special reader and writer equipment with cost of hundreds of yuan, and requires them to register in the anti-counterfeiting database. In this way, the manufacturer can not only understand all the sales terminal segments of the product according to the information provided by the reader writer, but also make statistics on the sales situation.      The specific use method of the system is as follows: for an unopened wine bottle, a RF chip is attached to the inner side of the top of the bottle cap, a chip lead attached to the inner side of the bottle cap wall is connected to a metal strip at different positions on the bottle cap, the antenna body on the wine bottle body is connected with the metal strip to form a path, and the cutting device on the bottle cap is located between the RF chip and the antenna body, with a sharp edge The sharp side can cut off the connection between the two with the rotation of the bottle cap. The RFID reader reads the code of the radio frequency tag and sends it together with the unique code of the reader to the anti-counterfeiting database server for authentication by SMS. If both codes are authorized, they pass the verification and send back the confirmation message. Once the bottle is opened, the cutting device will damage the antenna and the radio frequency core. The chip can't get enough excitation voltage to fail, so as to realize commodity anti-counterfeiting.    This anti-counterfeiting method makes use of RFID technology. On the hardware, devices such as large-scale production of integrated circuit chips and tag antennas are used. Manufacturers can easily manufacture them, but forgers need to spend a lot of money to copy these technologies. RFID chips and reader codes are the only codes under the overall unified coordination, which will not give forgers a gap. At the same time, this dual authentication mechanism also It is managed and controlled by the manufacturer, which improves the reliability of the system. After the wine bottle is opened, no matter to the wine bottle or the bottle cap, the cutting device will damage the chip and the antenna channel irreversibly, which also eliminates the phenomenon of using the old bottle and the new wine, and further cuts off the possibility of success of the forger. Under the guarantee of the above three anti-counterfeiting designs, theoretically, the reliability of this anti-counterfeiting method can completely meet the requirements of alcohol production enterprises.    

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  • Taxi Management System (RFID) System Background
    Taxi Management System (RFID) System Background 2019-10-31

    Leverage RFID taxi management system - make urban traffic smarter,In recent years, the use of fake license plates, evasion of annual inspections, misappropriation of number plates, modification of stolen vehicles and other violations of laws and regulations have increased. The illegal operation of "black taxis" has seriously violated the interests of the industry and has become a serious scour and has a bad impact on the government.  There are various forms of "black cars" such as deck cars, fake cars, clone cars, and unlicensed cars in different places, which have a negative impact on the social economy.In order to standardize the traffic order and maintain the order of the taxi market in our city, the functional departments of all levels of government have tried to rectify the fake brand vehicles, and urgently need to build a set of scientific and technological inspection tools suitable for the taxi industry. Taxi Management System (RFID) solves your vehicle management problems Using the most advanced science and technology such as radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, video assist technology, wireless communication technology and computer network, the RFID electronic operation certificate installed on each vehicle is used as the information source, and the system management platform and data server are the operation centers. Combined with the vehicle and vehicle owner information database and data timing update, the identity of the rental vehicle is intelligently encrypted and identified. At the same time, using handheld, on-board, video and other equipment to automatically and in real-time access to information, to find abnormal conditions to provide voice and digital alarms, and timely upload inspection information to the system management platform to form a dynamic, three-dimensional, rigorous and accurate Intelligent automatic traffic supervision and inspection network, so that fake vehicles, deck cars, unlicensed cars, clone cars, smuggled cars and other illegal vehicles have nowhere to hide, so that traffic violation cars, accidents escape cars, owed cars, scrap cars and other problem vehicles Nothing to do, it can greatly reduce traffic inspection costs, improve inspection efficiency, achieve targeted, humanized civilized traffic supervision, improve the scientific and effective management of law enforcement departments, and build "harmonious traffic" A powerful weapon.

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