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  • Russian Federation Vice Premier Yuri Pietrovich Trutnev visited the Hopeland Group
    Russian Federation Vice Premier Yuri Pietrovich Trutnev visited the Hopeland Group 2016-10-18

    On October 18, Vice Premier of the Russian Federation Yuri Pietrovich Trutnev and his entourage visited the Hopeland Group. Mr. Rao Luhua, CEO of Hopeland, warmly received the Russian Government and his entourage. Mr. Rao Luhua first warmly welcomed the arrival of the Russian government and his delegation. He then introduced the company's profile, development history, achievements in the field of intelligent energy, energy Internet and IOT RFID, as well as future development plans. It should be emphasized that, as one of Russia's major project suppliers, Keluosi RFID products are also fully through the Russian import and export licenses and related certification. I believe that soon if you travel to Russia, will accept our services from Shenzhen, China. Just the surface can not see it. Such as customs clearance, import inspection and public transport.

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  • The First Shenzhen - Mid / Esast Europe Trade Fair Opens
    The First Shenzhen - Mid / Esast Europe Trade Fair Opens 2016-09-28

    "One Belt And One Road" (OBAOR; or One Belt One Road, referred to as OBOR; or Belt And Road referred to, BAR) is the "Silk Road Economic Zone" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" . Relying on the existing bilateral and multilateral mechanisms between China and the countries concerned, with the help of established and effective regional cooperation platforms, the aim of "One Belt And One Road" is not to use an entity or mechanism, The development of economic cooperation with the countries along the lines of cooperation, and jointly build political mutual trust, economic integration, cultural inclusion of the interests of the community, the fate of the Community and community of responsibility. To further implement the national "One Belt And One Road" strategy to promote the Shenzhen and Central and Eastern European countries, comprehensive economic cooperation and cultural exchanges, by the Shenzhen Municipal Trade Promotion Committee, Shenzhen International Chamber of Commerce and the Shenzhen City of Central and Eastern European Economic and Cultural Association co-hosted the "first The Shenzhen-Middle-Eastern Europe Economic and Trade Fair was held in Wuzhou Hotel on September 27. More than 130 enterprises from 12 CEE countries participated. Middle / Eastern Europe are the focus area of the "One Belt And One Road" strategy, is an important part of the global emerging markets, but also China's industrial development model changes and investment value chain extension potential destination. In Shenzhen and large-scale economic and trade talks with Central and Eastern European countries is the first time. Fair to investment and trade, environmental introduction and project-based docking. At the opening ceremony of the morning of September 27, the heads of delegations of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia introduced the status of their industrial development, And trade needs of the country's economic and trade situation. Chairman of the Board of Shenzhen Central-East European Economic and Trade Promotion Association and CEO of Hopeland Group attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Mr. Rao Luhua said that as Shenzhen's entrepreneurs will actively support and respond to the national "along the way" development strategy, and hope that more enterprises in Shenzhen go out with the participants of the Central and Eastern European entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life in-depth economic cooperation, Mutual benefit and common development. Subsequently, the meeting also held a "Shenzhen - Central and Eastern Europe Economic and Cultural Exchange Center" opening ceremony. "Shenzhen - Central and Eastern Europe Economic and Cultural Exchange Center" opening ceremony With the "One Belt And One Road" national strategy to promote, CLOU has been in the "Silk Road new energy belt" to achieve a breakthrough in the construction progress. Hopeland was established in 1996 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2007. It is a national key high-tech enterprise providing core technology and system solutions for intelligent energy and energy Internet. At present, the Hopeland group overseas business expansion to Asia, Africa and Latin America, more than 70 countries and regions, and has set up branch offices in Germany and the United States, in Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana has factories to promote the global localization of production. The Economic and Cultural Mission of Central and Eastern Europe visited Hopeland

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  • Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee visited Hopeland Electronics
    Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee visited Hopeland Electronics 2016-08-24

    On the morning of August 24, Mr. Ma Xingrui, Vice Secretary of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, visited Shenzhen Hopeland Electronics Co., Ltd. and Mr. Lu Rahua, Chairman of Hopeland, warmly received Ma Shuji and his entourage.Mr. Rao Luhua first expressed his warm welcome to Mr. Ma and his party, and then introduced the company's profile, development history and achievements in the field of energy Internet and the future development plan.     "Hopeland's core technologies are advanced measurement, large-scale energy storage and micro-grid control technology,Internet of Thing/ UHF RFID and relying on these leading core technologies, Hopeland focuses on energy storage and micro-grid, EV ecosystem, Power grid, electricity sales and park energy services, the four pillar industries.As energy storage, micro-grid and new energy automotive ecosystem leading enterprises, Corus has a complete multi-scene application solutions and system integration capabilities in Qinghai Tibetan area through the project Application to solve the problem of electricity consumption of 180,000 people without electricity, in Yumen through the integration of wind and power storage model to solve the problem of new energy consumption, to promote China's new energy and energy storage industry has contributed to the development.In the field of new energy vehicles , Hopeland through energy services / IOT RFID protect and business model innovation, is committed to creating the most perfect new energy vehicle exosphere, investment in power battery factory, battery PACK production line, building a car, pile joint operation as the core of the charging network cloud platform, through Hopelandd platform and other charging platform to achieve interconnection and sharing of information, to achieve the Internet, car networking and energy integration of the Internet, to achieve charging operations, time-sharing leasing, advertising, car washing services, insurance agents and other integrated eco-business model.     After listening to the report in detail, Ma Shuji highly appreciated the achievements in the field of high-speed development and IOT/RFID and energy Internet in the past 20 years and put forward the "immediate solution" to the practical problems encountered in the course of enterprise development.    Secretary Ma said that to solve the problem for the enterprise is the government's mission, he will work with relevant departments to sort out the problem as soon as possible; and stressed that: industrial development is the basis for economic and social development in Shenzhen, Hopeland as the development of science and technology enterprises in Shenzhen , For the economic development of Shenzhen provides a driving force. In the future, the government will not only actively solve the problems encountered in the development process of Hopeland, but also provide an excellent environment for Hopeland's innovation and development, and fully support Hopeland to become bigger and stronger.

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  • Great Successful IOTE 2016
    Great Successful IOTE 2016 2016-08-23

    As China's largest and most professional exhibition Things -- "Shenzhen International Internet of Things Technologies Expo" on August 18, 2016 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center grand opening. Shenzhen China International Fair of Things with intelligence by the United Media Group was founded in 2009, is now the eighth, show the scale to achieve an annual growth of more than 20% of exhibitors calendar highs, expanding influence of the exhibition, but also has become China things benchmark industrial development. As consecutive 2 years China RFID industry's most influential companies, Shenzhen Hopeland Technologies Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Hopeland Technologies), brings the innovation and introduction of multi-channel UHF fixed reader series and years of painstaking research and development of long-range identification handheld mobile terminal brilliant debut series.      As a wholly owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Hopeland Technologies Co., Ltd. we are positioned in the field of IOT RFID hardware vendors, solution providers and system integrators. The company's main products are: RFID fixed readers, RFID handheld mobile terminals, video antennas, RFID electronic tags and other RFID hardware products, as well as part of the smart grid products.       The Division I grand launch of the second generation of remote reader includes four-channel CL7206C4 miniaturization and high-performance eight-channel CL7206C8. Its ultra-small size, great coverage, superior multi-tag performance, sturdy durable quality, rich and flexible way to connect our customers to win positive feedback. Hopeland Technologies second generation split-type reader, the main advantages: Big energy: port transmit power> 2W, can effectively alleviate the problem of long RF cable insertion loss caused by Full connection: supports Ethernet port, RS232, USB, RS485, Wiegand, Bluetooth, NB-IOT Full band: covering 840 ~ 960Mhz, while supporting GB dual-band, FCC, ETSI in dense reader environment, GB dual can effectively reduce co-channel interference problems Anti-vibration: vibration test verified by the most stringent level, fully capable of various industrial applications. Multi-protocol: supports both IS018000-6C / 6B, EPC C1G2 840 ~ 960Mhz band and other RFID air interface protocol. Can effectively protect your investment, avoid risk is not compatible with the agreement brings. Anti-collision: Designed for automotive applications such as forklifts reinforced structure designed to withstand severe impacts. The exhibition displays a variety of long-range identification handheld mobile terminal has also attracted many honored guests come to consult understanding. It launched CL7202 series of handheld mobile terminals are equipped with industrial grade was 4-core CPU networked handheld mobile terminal, it is the third generation of products based on Windows CE or Android5.1 operating system, equipped with high-definition touch screen, long-range RFID, barcode scanning , the flexibility to customize a variety of Bluetooth, camera, GPS positioning and 3G communications, support NFC, IC card reader, fingerprint, POS, PSAM module and other functions, can be widely used social vehicle management, logistics, security source, fixed assets a plurality of field management, logistics, inspection and so on. While drawing many of the advantages of similar products, with high-end hardware configuration and user-friendly interface, can provide users with stable, reliable, smooth operation experience, its excellent performance has become a UHF RFID handheld highest mobile terminal field benchmark.

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