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  • Hopeland RFID Reader Device Gain Korean Authority Approval
    Hopeland RFID Reader Device Gain Korean Authority Approval 2017-11-30

    Recently Hopeland's UHF RFID reader had gained Korean authority approval, it's issued by Korean National Radio Research Agency. After that, Hopeland continues great business in Korea. From now on, our long range RFID reader have gain official approved in Korea, Brasil, Russan, USA, Germany and series of main market.  

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  • Hopeland New UHF RFID Module for 8 Ports Fixed Reader Released
    Hopeland New UHF RFID Module for 8 Ports Fixed Reader Released 2017-11-21

    As fundamental technology of data collection level of IoT(Internet of Thing), RFID is widely used in many applications, such as smart manufacturing, warehouse inventory, personnel management, vehicle control etc. Common RFID devices are RFID tags, RFID readers, and RFID module. To meet the requirement for customization for different projects, RFID module has great help for integrator who need to make their own reader system.    HL7206C8A is Hopeland's latest high integrated UHF RFID module, for development of 8 ports fixed RFID reader. The board has Impinj R2000 UHF chip, with various communication interfaces, RS232, RS485, I/O wiegrand, USB, RJ45 etc. Like the fixed RFID reader CL7206C8, it support long range reading up to 15m, and multi-tag reading.     Similar with the reader, the new module is available for various of applications. Integrator could build their own 8 ports fixed reader, and could also installed within access control gate to build RFID access control system.         

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  • Hopeland's RFID Based Smart Files Management Solution
    Hopeland's RFID Based Smart Files Management Solution 2017-11-14

    Through the construction of RFID workbench, RFID access gate and file cabinet or intensive cabinet, the file can be accurately managed, so as to achieve the functions of storing orderly, borrowing registration, abnormal alarm, real-time statistics and quick search, so as to solve the current chaos in file management so on.   At present, it is very difficult to find and maintain updated data. The data update often leads to disorder in time and affects the normal business development. Therefore, a real-time file management and monitoring system needs to be set up to monitor the location and current status of the file. File borrowing, inquiries do dynamic management, the late do a variety of dynamic file statistics, can highlight the focus and improve productivity.    RFID technology has been widely used in book and file management and has been unanimously endorsed by users. Hope that based on RFID technology management system can improve the file information management level, improve file search, inventory efficiency.   RFID hardware construction for file management:   Intelligent split filing cabinets provide the inventory of the file, statistics out of the file in the frame, the wrong frame, not in the frame and the number of borrowing and information. Core hardware is Hopeland's multi-channel fixed RFID reader, integrated with antenna concentrator, which expand group of RFID antennas (Max 8 sets).     Warrants management, 300 pieces of files each floor, can be timed automatically inventory, RFID handheld reader and semi-automatic inventory, locate and other functions.  

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  • RFID Technology Make Sports Competition More Attractive
    RFID Technology Make Sports Competition More Attractive 2017-11-02

    Watching sports competitions is one of the most important fantastic items on weekdays. As sporting events become more competitive, people are more concerned about their fairness than ever before, and a miscarriage of justice is likely to cause irreversible regrets. Therefore, in the sports competition into the modern technology, has become more common. These technologies helped to reduce the miscarriage of justice, while also adding more fascinations for modern sports.     RFID identification technology, with fast scanning, large memory capacity and other characteristics, can help us in sports events, real-time players and the ball events to provide the trajectory, and also help the referee to make the most correct decision to reduce the chance of misjudgment. RFID in the field of sports applications can be traced back to 1994, held in Berlin marathon. Players who have personal information stored on the electronic RFID label, through the installation the reader at starting point, on the way and the end for information collection, accurate monitoring of the entire game. Until now, road races, cross-country skiing, decathlon and other games are using RFID technology. Hopeland have support series of sports events like marathon racing, bicycle racing in Hongkong, Shenzhen, Singapore, Taiwan etc. RFID timing and tracking system consists of three parts: fixed RFID reader, RFID mat/flooring antenna, and RFID label/tags. While the athletics with RFID tags go through the specific area installed with reader and antenna, data like time, speed, distance could be upload to cloud, make the real time management come ture.

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