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  • RFID Technology in The Express Delivery Industry
    RFID Technology in The Express Delivery Industry 2019-08-21

    RFID Technology in The Express Delivery Industry    Before using RFID technology, the operator must view and scan each package and check the status of the package before updating the status of the package within the system so that the user can check the package logistics status. RFID technology can be used to attach RFID tags to the goods. When the goods pass through the RFID reader, the current status of the goods can be scanned and updated into the database. The courier company can update the cargo information more quickly, improve the work efficiency, and let the customer grasp the parcel logistics situation more quickly.      What are the advantages of the logistics industry using RFID technology?   ·       Large quantities of parcels and express shipments can be quickly sorted by RFID technology.   ·       In the process of parcel delivery, the RFID tag tracking of the package can realize the real-time stalking of the package, so that the customer can query the parcel status more quickly.   ·       It can manage the property of the courier company such as vehicles, pallets, etc., use RFID technology to track the direction of the vehicle and arrange the departure of the vehicle, which can effectively save the cost of the enterprise.      However, the RFID industry currently has many difficulties in actual use.      First, the price is expensive. The price of RFID tags is often as high as hundreds of dollars.     Second, the reliability is poor, the accuracy of reading the RFID tag material is about 75%, and the accuracy of reading the bar code material is as high as 99%.     Third, the compatibility is poor, and some RFID skills are not compatible with existing systems and skills, and lack of consistent specifications.      Although the RFID technology is not perfect, the follow-up will become more and more mature. At that time, RFID technology will bring new opportunities to the logistics industry.  

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    GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK The biggest tech show in the Middle East, North Africa & South Asia   The most important week in the international technology calendar for the last 38 years, GITEX Technology Week is a must-attend, world-class event hosted in Dubai from 6 - 10 October 2019. This is where technology leaders, enterprises and startups from around the world come together to show you the future of every business and every industry, as it happens.   GITEX is an industry-defining platform where renowned names in technology and business meet to push the global transformation agenda ahead. - Come face-to-face with over 100,000 visitors from 140 countries - Build your industry connections with C-suite, government heads and influential buyers - Connect with the entire tech ecosystem in one place   This is the third time our company has participated in this exhibition. Every time we go to the exhibition, we have access to the latest products and industry knowledge, and know many customers and peers. Since 2009, we are specialized in developing, researching and manufacturing series of UHF RFID readers, handheld terminals, Antennas , special type Tags, Middleware, system software, etc. Experienced R&D team and strong production center help to output quality products based on Indy R2000/PR9200 chipset, which passed CE, FCC, CCC, SRRC and series of certificates. With core advantages of long reading distance, excellent multi-tag reading, advanced anti-collision algorithm, various communication interfaces, different operation systems &SDK choices, industrial level, our devices are widely used in areas of ETC, Intelligent Parking, Airport, Smart New Retail, Smart Grid, Assets Tracking, Warehousing& Logistic, Supply Chain, Industry 4.0 and so on.

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  • Hopeland Successfully Hosted 2nd Global Partners Conference
    Hopeland Successfully Hosted 2nd Global Partners Conference 2019-08-07

    Hopeland Successfully Hosted 2nd Global Partners Conference    Hopeland successfully hosted 2nd Global Partners Conference on August 2, 2019. Important customers and distributors from various countries and regions around the world (more than 20 countries and regions) attended the conference. In the first part of the meeting, sign the admission and take a group photo.    The second part is part of the customer's project experience sharing, they show the application of warehouse management, access control, asset inventory, etc.    The third part is Hopeland's full range of products and the latest product demonstrations. As a leading manufacturer and solution provider, Hopeland has RFID handheld series, RFID tablet, remote RFID fixed reader, integrated reader, UHF RFID antennas, RFID middleware, RFID readers, raspberries, etc. The Bluetooth handheld, which won the 12th IOTE2019 "Gold Award", is our latest product. It was exhibited at the conference. The RFID Portal system and Smart documents& cabinet also received wide appreciation. The fourth part is the free exchange between the participants. Everyone is very enthusiastic and has a close discussion with our staff.    The second dealer meeting has been successfully concluded. Let us look forward to the next meeting.

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  • RFID Technology Helps Comprehensive Treatment of Hazardous Waste
    RFID Technology Helps Comprehensive Treatment of Hazardous Waste 2019-08-07

    RFID Technology Helps Comprehensive Treatment of Hazardous Waste    With the development of the national economy, the discharge of hazardous wastes represented by the textile, chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries is increasing year by year. Due to the improper handling, storage or utilization of hazardous wastes, it is easy to cause the atmosphere and water bodies. And soil pollution, causing serious health hazards to the production environment and human settlements as well as the masses' bodies, restricting the healthy development of China's economy and the people. Therefore, it is of great significance to improve the centralized, efficient and safe disposal of hazardous wastes and accelerate the automation, informationization, intelligence, efficiency, systematization and planning of hazardous wastes.      The rapid development of RFID technology has brought new breakthroughs in the improvement of hazardous waste information management technology. It has introduced the existing mature RFID technology into the original hazardous waste information system, which makes it possible to transform the planar management into three-dimensional management. The automation, standardization, information management process monitoring management provides a basis. On the basis of digitalization and information management, we will maximize the information management level of hazardous wastes, improve the comprehensive treatment capacity of hazardous wastes, and avoid potential safety hazards.      After receiving the hazardous waste, the hazardous waste treatment center shall respond to the receiving list, clarify the details of the received items, and check whether the packaging is sealed without leakage, whether or not the label is attached and the specifications are filled out. After the determination is correct, the back-end system will print the barcode label according to the hazardous waste information and paste it on the dangerous goods. The hazardous waste will then be loaded onto the pallet and waiting for storage.      The tray in which the RFID chip is implanted in advance will be associated with the dangerous goods information. The staff will use the handheld device to scan the dangerous goods barcode and the tray RFID tag, and bind the two information to the back-end database. The background system generates a task to be warehousing and simultaneously delivers the task to the smart forklift.      When the forklift arrives at the loading and unloading point to transport dangerous goods, the RFID scanning device on the forklift will read the pallet label information and clarify the dangerous goods information being transferred by querying the background data system, and transport it to the designated warehouse according to the system background instructions. The specified placement area.    Through the application of RFID in the warehousing process, it will help the dangerous waste disposal center to store strictly dangerous goods according to the class. One item will improve the efficiency of warehousing, avoid the misplacement caused by human error, and ensure the storage of dangerous goods to the utmost extent. Safety.

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