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  • Hopeland Business Venture at Gitex 2017 Dubai
    Hopeland Business Venture at Gitex 2017 Dubai 2017-10-10

    On October 8th~12th, Hopeland's sales team going for Gitex 2017 exhibition at Dubai. We gain great success that seas of clients working on IOT industry came to our booth for visit and talk about strategic business plan. Picture from exhibition booth   This show Hopeland would bring her latest UHF RFID reader, RFID handheld scanners, RFID antennas, and also the gateway RFID reader show the RFID middleware to clients. One of the points of this show from Hopeland is providing solutions to different applications, warehouse & logisitc, retail, and smart manufacturing. It help great a lot to integrators and projectors who have plan for IoT cunstruction.     RFID applications on Gitex   After exhibition, the team went to visit the local customers and travel around the famous city, Dubai.   

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  • New Chapter for Building New Retail - Hopeland
    New Chapter for Building New Retail - Hopeland 2017-09-30

    In 22nd September 2017, Hopeland attended the presentation activities for E+Store (One of the most famous unmanned supermarket in China) and set up long term strategic partnership with big retailers. It's significant that Hopeland made an important step to bring UHF RFID technology to new retail industry. Soon later, we would support more and more intelligent unmanned stores around the world.   Frank Yuan (CEO of Hopeland) attended the activity   E+Store is the first intelligent unmanned store in Xiamen City. No salesman inside and serve for 7×24 hours. The store integrated with biology identification, UHF RFID and cloud payment technology. Hopeland provide the RFID system, RFID reader devices and RFID tags. Every items in the store is sticked with an unique RFID tag, and long range RFID reader and antenna are around the store. While clients choose the items, the reader could read the tags for information like item name, serial number, price etc. Then clients could pay the sum with Alipay or Wechat or credit card.   Enter store by Face identification   UHF RFID system identify the items choosed   Now the E+Store have been operated for over 2 months, it shows great future of this new retail model and earn good reputation from clients. Firstly it's cost-effective that the labor cost is about 400 RMB per month, compared to 12,000 RMB per month for traditional store. Secondly the low theft rate. With the hign accuracy of biology identification and RFID system, the theft rate is 0  during this period.    The unmanned store is trend of revolution for retail industry, but it still have long way to go. For example, there is lack of guide for clients to choose exact items, they have to search the whole store by themselves. And some customized services and after-sales services could not be fulfilled.

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  • Hopeland's RFID Tracking and Security Management for International Airport
    Hopeland's RFID Tracking and Security Management for International Airport 2017-09-21

    UHF RFID system could be integrated with security system for asset tracking, location, and personnel management. Recently we have support a case at an international airport at Wuhan City. The solution conclude fixed UHF RFID readers installed at the luggage area, and integrated RFID reader and antennas installed at access control gate. Together with CCTV security system, RFID solution would help protect the safety of clients' luggage and airport's asset.     For similar cases, Hopeland's integrated RFID reader and UHF RFID antennas should be recommended. The integrated reader CL7206B2 support max 15 meters long range reading and multiple-tag reading (Max 400pcs at the same time). And  long range RFID antenna could be integrated with fixed RFID reader, for access control, which support 100% high accuracy and fast reaction.   

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  • Hopeland's Happy Trip to Zhangjiajie Scenic Spot
    Hopeland's Happy Trip to Zhangjiajie Scenic Spot 2017-09-12

    Following the step of Autumn, hopeland''s sales team and R&D team went to one of the most famous scenic spot - Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, for sightseeing. Hopeland, a leading RFID hardware & solution integrator, committed to the development of IOT&RFID technologies, especially in UHF RFID area for more than 10 years. Important part of our company is team working and construction, as we have over 40 R&D people team and 20 people sales team. After this activity, hopeland big family gain great fun and precious friendship with each other.     Beautiful scenic of Zhangjiajie:    

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