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  • UHF RFID access control management syst
    UHF RFID access control management syst 2019-07-23

    UHF RFID Access Control Management System     As a new modern security management system, the access control system integrates automatic identification technology and computer control management, involving electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, communication technology, and biotechnology. With the development of automatic identification technology, UHF RFID access control management system has become a major component of security systems, widely used in industrial automation, commercial automation, transportation control and many other fields. The access control system based on radio frequency identification technology is the development direction of the future access control system construction.      The UHF RFID access control management system consists of an access control machine (integrated with a reader/writer, a controller), an identification card, a computer, and an electromagnetic lock. Generally, the form of the access control system is divided into two types. One is that when the employee passes the access control system, the card (UHF RFID electronic tag) worn on the body is aimed at the infrared rays of the access control machine, and the door is automatically opened. The other is UHF RFID UHF remote access control system, through the installation of UHF readers and UHF electronic tags worn by employees, the door can be opened and closed, and identification The card reading is completely intelligent and automatic, saving time by no need for workers to operate. Access Control RFID Tracking Gate Reader CL7226D CL7226D UHF channel access system supports EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C) protocol, integrated high-gain antenna groups, the R2000-based reader and speed control module, with high-speed tag reading literacy and good control of the area, It provides a standard RS232 or RJ45 interface for easy connection software platform. Particularly suitable for all kinds of logistics, warehousing, books, files, attendance management personnel.

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  • 5G is a new kinetic energy for industrial development
    5G is a new kinetic energy for industrial development 2019-07-23

    5G is a new kinetic energy for industrial development       5G will truly bring great opportunities to the development of the semiconductor industry, and also provide new opportunities for the development of China's integrated circuit industry, in which radio frequency will become a new wind, 5G will combine the Internet of Things and communication, enabling applications such as automotive and industrial Internet of Things to land. Mobile phones are only one of many smart terminals. The main market for 5G is in the Internet of Things and mobile Internet. In addition to terminals, 5G will also give rise to new opportunities in the field of RF chips and optics.

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  • RFID Parking Management Establishes a New Image of Property Management
    RFID Parking Management Establishes a New Image of Property Management 2019-07-16

    RFID Parking Management Establishes a New Image of Property Management    With the rapid development of the social economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, household cars have entered many families. In recent years, the construction of transportation infrastructure and vehicle safety management is an important issue for every urban construction planner. The RFID smart card parking management is based on the process of the user's vehicle entering and leaving the parking lot. Based on the RFID technology, the user's individual and the vehicle information he owns are stored in the RFID vehicle tag or the electronic license plate. When the vehicle enters the parking lot, The remote (3-10 meters) automatically senses and identifies the vehicle information, allowing the owner to quickly stop.      The RFID parking system can realize the functions of automatic non-stop, automatic identification, automatic registration, automatic release, etc. The background management software can query multiple functions such as entering and leaving vehicle information, parking time, payment record and information reminder.      The intelligent parking lot management system effectively prevents the damage and interference caused by human factors to the parking lot management through the remote passive radio frequency identification technology, realizes the intelligent scientific management of the parking lot of the building and the property community, can control the cost loss and improve the operation efficiency, to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

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  • RFID Technology Helps Promote Smart Customs Construction
    RFID Technology Helps Promote Smart Customs Construction 2019-07-16

    RFID technology helps promote smart customs construction      Customs is an international bridge and link, and customs plays an important role in the world economy. As the total volume of import and export trade continues to increase, the volume of goods transported is also growing. How can we speed up customs clearance through high-tech forces and strengthen customs supervision? RFID technology can solve the limitations of the current customs system, and its remarkable feature is that information processing is fast and efficient. RFID technology will help promote the construction of smart customs.      Customs loading and unloading speeds also determine the speed at which we connect to the world. The international railway port optimizes the transportation process. The transfer vehicle can be automated at the dock and the entire process has been shortened to less than 30 minutes. In addition, in order to optimize the on-site management of railway port customs supervision and build a port intelligent supervision system, most railway port coasts have achieved 90% intelligent unattended operation, through the port automatic identification box system, three-dimensional visual monitoring data platform, and imported vehicle RFID. Application systems and projects such as RF monitoring systems, inspection management information systems, and rare metal rapid detectors are automated. At the same time, upgrade and improve the container customs clearance management system.      Through the intelligent bayonet hardware facilities, the combination of Internet of Things RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and regional information system, goods, vehicles and bayonet hardware in and out of the region will be informatized and interactive. Through the unified filing and management of loading and unloading vehicles in the entry and exit areas, paperless management during cargo transportation, rapid verification, automatic elimination of the underlying accounts and full traceability. Effectively improve port entry and exit efficiency, logistics management and technology. RFID technology plays an important role in the future reform of customs supervision, especially in the area of logistics monitoring in special regulatory areas, which has laid a solid foundation for the future development of the region.  

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