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  • How to use RFID technology to speed up new retail?
    How to use RFID technology to speed up new retail? 2019-06-19

    How to use RFID technology to speed up new retail?     In order to effectively improve the turnover rate of goods and reduce inventory pressure, the new retail industry has introduced RFID technology to improve the flow rate and data accuracy of goods in factories, quality inspection factories, warehouses, etc., and at the store, RFID technology also makes A series of daily affairs such as goods, delivery, inventory, and finding goods become efficient and fast.  Project requirements 1. Efficiency improvement in the steps of supply chain re-investment review, warehouse out-of-stock review, etc., saving labor costs.  2. Refine management to improve the accuracy of data on the supply chain.  3. Improve store store operation efficiency, reduce the intensity of store staff management, and focus on sales.   The application of RFID technology has reduced the labor cost of the supply chain warehousing review by 73% and the efficiency to 250%. In the warehouse review review, labor costs fell by 82% and efficiency increased to 175%. The application of RFID technology will upgrade the production, distribution and sales process of commodities, which is also a key step for the integration of the new retail brand online and offline.   Hopeland's products cover all kinds of electronic labels, readers, application software etc. RFID products are widely used in the retail industry, food traceability, intelligent transportation, asset management, ticket management, supply chain logistics, warehouse management, anti-counterfeiting identification, library management, Air baggage management, industrial manufacturing etc.   It has become a provider of smart hardware devices and smart picking solutions for back warehouses. At the same time, it provides a personalized solution for personalized IoT applications for many retail companies. It solves customer problems in one stop and has been awarded “Excellent Solution Provider” for many times.

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  • 2019 The 12th International Internet of Things Exhibition
    2019 The 12th International Internet of Things Exhibition 2019-06-11

    2019 The 12th International Internet of Things Exhibition  Time:July 30-August 1,2019  Address:Booth#1A144,Hall 1,6,7,8,9,Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center The Largest and Most Comprehensive Internet of Things Exhibition in Asia     2019(12th) Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition will be held on July 30 - August 1, 2019. It's expected to be a complete showcase of IoT industry chain with more than 800 exhibitors.It is exclusively dedicated to showcasing the whole IoT industry chain (Perceptual Layer, Network Layer and Intelligent Application layer of IoT).It exhibits the technologies of RFID, Sensor Network, Short-Range Communication, Financial Mobile Payment, Middle-ware, Big Data Processing, Cloud, Real-Time Locating, and etc; It also shows the IoT solutions and applications in various industries.        For the consecutive nine years, the leading event has become the biggest and the most comprehensive IoT event with annual 21% growth rate. Last year, the number of exhibitors is growing from 532 to over 706, the visitors are from 101510 to 116512. So far,more than 300 RFID manufacturers,including global leading brands Alien,Tatwah Smartech,Invengo, Alien, Mühlbauer, ST, Fudan Microelectronics, Sato, Denso, Fujitsu,Zebra,Murata and UPM will exhibit at IoTE 2017. Other IoT global players such as Huawei, ZTE, Intel,Telit, Sensoro, Baidu, Gizwits, NXP, Fujitsu, Invengo, Postek, Aisino, Legic China, Trimble-ThingMagic, Alien, NB-IoT Alliance, China Unicom, Lierda, Xlink, ACS Tech, BEONE, Ing Dan, Zigbee Alliance, Figigantic,Security & Fire, Umeinfo, AMN, and etcs, are also expected to participate IoTE 2019.    As a RFID hardware system provider,We insist on attending this exhibition every year,since 2009.we are specialized in developing, researching and manufacturing series of UHF RFID readers, handheld terminals, Antennas , special type Tags, Middleware, system software, etc. Experienced R&D team and strong production center help to output quality products based on Indy R2000/PR9200 chipset, which passed CE, FCC, CCC, SRRC and series of certificates. With core advantages of long reading distance, excellent multi-tag reading, advanced anti-collision algorithm, various communication interfaces, different operation systems &SDK choices, industrial level, our devices are widely used in areas of ETC, Intelligent Parking, Airport, Smart New Retail, Smart Grid, Assets Tracking, Warehousing& Logistic, Supply Chain, Industry 4.0 and so on.  If you have any questions about RFID, please let us meet at the exhibition! When July 30-August 1,2019 Where Booth#1A144 Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center,Hall 1,6,7,8,9

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  • Advantages of RFID Technology in Bank Asset Management
    Advantages of RFID Technology in Bank Asset Management 2019-06-06

    Advantages of RFID Technology in Bank Asset Management Using the latest RFID electronic tag identification technology, it can be used for information management of banks, employees, VIP customers, physical assets and document files, including access control security cards, etc., through the transformation or deployment of RFID-enabled management information systems, and Combined with RFID fixed reader and portable handheld RFID reader (UHF handheld), it can collect information such as employees, VIP customers, equipment, documents, files, location, status, etc., timely and accurate information transmission. Give RFID-based back-office business management systems. These can all be achieved through the IoT lab. When making a personal loan file, an RFID tag is pasted on the file and the information is written into the RFID tag. When the files are transferred in each position, the RFID readers on each file are identified by the RFID readers of each position, and the tracking status information is recorded. After the file cabinet file, you can use the handheld RFID reader to find and count, which is convenient and quick. The outbound storage and inventory management including the collateral file can also be completely RFID-based, which is faster and more accurate than the traditional barcode. The inventory can be completed in just a few minutes.

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  • Hopeland in Auto-ID & Mobility Forum
    Hopeland in Auto-ID & Mobility Forum 2019-05-31

    Hopeland in Auto-ID & Mobility Forum   Auto-ID & Mobility Forum is an only specialized event of Auto-ID and enterprise mobility technologies in Russia. New reality and new possibilities of the National Program of Goods Digital Marking and Global Traceability is the key topic of the IV International Auto-ID & Mobility Forum in Moscow. Industrial market turns to Internet of Things technologies; A pool of Russian RFID integrators has formed and they already have the great experience of RFID implementations in manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, logistics, retail and event industries.   KEY TOPICS OF AUTO-ID & MOBILITY FORUM:   RFID technologies for business optimization and tracking - solutions and best practices; Mobility and data capturing technologies for businesses - solutions and best practices; Auto-ID, mobile and data capturing technologies for Internet of Things As an invitee,Shenzhen Hopeland Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading RFID hardware and solution integrator in the Internet of Things industry. It has been focusing on the research of RFID core technology for many years. It has an independent R&D center and has been granted a number of invention patents and international certifications. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 quality system certification.   As early as 2004, Hopeland has focused on the research and application of RFID technology. After years of hard work, we have created a number of industry benchmark products, including: RFID readers, RFID handheld terminals, RFID antennas, middleware system software and some smart grid products. So far, Hopeland has made achievements in the fields of industry 4.0, asset management, warehousing logistics, intelligent retail, intelligent weighing, tobacco logistics, intelligent production line, vehicle management, smart grid, etc., and has accumulated rich project experience.   At the forum, we shared our industry experience with the audience and gained recognition from the audience.  

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