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  • How are Hopeland readers classified?
    RFID readers type: based on different application and performance/functions level
    1. Shine series: Morning‘s Sunshine. Top-end series: Smart IoT / RFID devices. High-end Raspberry Pi/Android platform (openable), high gain, high sensitivity, seamless
    access to the Internet of Things platform, and realization of edge computing"
    In addition to the ordinary LAN port, RS485, etc., there are also built-in communication methods such as 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, etc. We have made standard
    corresponding functions in the software for RFID application scenarios, and support
    HTTP POST to upload tag data to the specified URL. , upload tag data to the specified database address, upload data to the MQTT server address, etc.
    2. Sharp series: Main product, high-end series. Standard IMPINJ R2000 RFID readers - high gain, high sensitivity, rich interfaces, customizable, PoE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,
    4G, firmware working modes , protocols optional and customizable"
    Ordinary Linux system, with the function of uploading tag data to the specified server URL in json format, etc.
    3. Smart series: Exquisite, concise version device. Tribute to the times. High cost performance, R2000 version series. Not customizable.
    Less interface, less communication methods, small sizes (Simple module + board)". Firmware customization not supportable.
    4. S series:Simple RFID reader, without OS built-in, low cost version PR9200 chipset: Not customizable.
    5. i series: Highly-integrated, intelligent, system devices. Enterprise-level personalized products. Such as RFID portal i3, RFID Smart cabinet i90 and so on
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  • What's Hopeland's product warranty?
    Our standard warranty is 1 year.If you need one-year (2 years total) or 2-year (3 years total) extended warranty, you need to pay additional warranty fee.One-year extended warranty, need to pay 10% of the product price as an extended premium.Two-year extended warranty,need to pay 25% of the product price as an extended premium.
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  • What's the Hopeland RFID device's MOQ?
    A. For readers and antennas, we support you to buy one sample to test and integrate as business supporting.B. Regard RFID tags, we have different MOQ for each model. Please send your inquiry, our sales manager will help you.
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  • Do you provide door to door delivery service?
    1.With DHL, we provide door to door delivery service. But it still need you to provide matched document to custom department to finish custom clearance to pick up goods from DHL.
    2.For sea freight, we could quote door to door shipping service to you. Then the goods would be delivered to your address directly.
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  • What is the basic working principle of RFID technology?
    After the tag is in read area of RFID reader, it receives the radio frequency signal sent by the reader, and transmits the product information (passive tag or passive tag) stored in the chip with the energy obtained by the induced current, or the tag actively sends a certain frequency The signal (active tag or active tag), the reader reads and decodes the information, and sends it to the central information system for related data processing.
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  • What are the communication methods of RFID readers?
    Fixed readers generally include RS232, RS485, LAN, USB, and readers with systems can be extended to support WiFi and Bluetooth.
    In addition, the reader also has a GPIO interface, which can be used for external alarm lights, sensors, Wiegand control boards, etc.
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