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How to Cope with the RFID Chip Battle?

  • Time:2022-08-22
  • Author:Hopeland
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Chip, as the engine and the technical challenge, is important for technological development, especially in the RFID industry, which is regarded as the sensing organ in the IoT. All the RFID devices are equipped to ensure stable calculation and processing. However, chips are now in the middle of the whirlwind, with mixed reasons involved, striking the RFID industry.

Amid the chip battle

Investing in chip research and development has long been risky. It requires huge investment, not only in terms of money but talents and equipment. The huge cost and long benefit return cycle deter many institutions and companies from working on it.

Fortunately, as the connection between politics and commercials is getting stronger, many enterprises realize that mastering the core technology of chips is what they can compete in this cutthroat industry. One of the ambitious companies is Impinj.

Urgent demands sustain steady cooperation

Hopeland, the leading enterprise of RFID system integrators with decades of experience in this industry, has advanced its technology and manufacturing capability to provide customers with quality RFID devices. Noticing the evolving trend, we seek cooperation with Impinj, a world-leading provider of IoT solutions.

Our initial cooperation should date back to 2004 in the field of distribution devices management. Back then, various Impinj chips were applied to the meters, allowing them to measure the power distribution accurately and efficiently. After laying the solid background, we began to develop the R2000 chips for our RFID readers. Then, a series of devices have been rolled out, receiving positive market responses.

As the gold partner of Impinj, the RFID devices we developed epitomize the advancement of Impinj’s chips and the effort of our R&D talent group. Together, they enable our devices to read and write from longer distances with higher efficiency, adapting to the evolving markets. The fruits of the cooperation have been recognized by multiple markets and have been sold to over 80 countries.

In June 2021, we have already launched a series of RFID devices that are compatible with the new Impinj E710 RAIN RFID reader chip. But this time, we are fostering deeper cooperation with Impinj. Compared to the previous chips, R2000, we use in the old devices, the chips we selected this time to boast greater receive sensitivity, higher maximum read rate, lower power consumption, and allow Impinj adaptive tag access.

Our updated devices that are compatible with the Impinj E710 chips will increase the calculation efficiency and, in turn, benefit numerous fields. In the parking system, the greater working efficiency of the RFID readers will cut the queuing time for drivers, which is similar to the tolls on the highway. It is especially true considering the growing number of vehicles on the road. Moreover, the unmanned supermarket may experience solid progress because of the higher effective RFID devices. The list of beneficiaries is longer than your expectation.

Come and take a look at the brighter RFID stars

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All in all, it heralds changes, doesn't it?

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