Comparison of contact and non-contact electronic tags

In the data center U-bit asset digital monitoring and control plan, the communication methods of the U-bit asset module and the electronic tag are divided into contact communication and contactless communication. Contact communication refers to the use of an EIC chip by inserting and removing the electronic tag to make the metal on the ta...

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RFID Technology Provides Strong Guarantee For Army Asset Management

Modern warehousing and logistics distribution have become more diversified and demanding. Not only must we implement the storage management of goods, but we must also mark the types, quantities, attributes, etc. of goods in the warehouse one by one. Especially in the management of military supplies, high standards and strict requirements ...

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UHF RFID Electronic Tags

UHF RFID electronic tags usually refer to electronic tags that conform to the ISO18000-6C & EPC C1G2 protocol. Of course, there are also electronic tags of the ISO18000-6B protocol, but the ISO18000-6B protocol is gradually marginalized. First, what needs to be considered is the storage structure of UHF electronic tags? 1. What is the...

Tags : UHF electronic tags UHF RFID electronic tags UHF RFID reader

Indian Company Simplifies Solid Waste Management with RFID Tags

Indian company Agra Nagar Nigam has decided to simplify solid waste management by installing RFID tags, which are installed in 99,450 houses in 51 communities and handing over 350 RFID handheld readers to cleaners. Homeowners must put dry garbage and wet garbage in different bins and pay a Rs 65 management fee each month. When the cleaner...

Tags : RFID Handheld Readers Waterproof UHF RFID Tags Passive RFID Tags

What is the difference between a barcode and an RFID tag? What are the types of RFID tags?

Bar codes and RFID tags are both item information identification technologies, and their essence is to give a special number to an item, through which you can get information about the item. The bar code is numbered by knowing the change of the image by optical means. The RFID tag can be considered as the electronic version of the barcode...

Tags : Low-frequency electronic tags High and medium frequency electronic tags UHF and microwave tags

RFID electronic label/tag packaging technology

RFID Electronic Tags are packaged in many forms, are not limited by standard shapes and sizes, and their composition is also very different, and even requires special design according to various requirements. The Transponder has been used in sizes ranging from ¢6mm to 76x45mm, small or even micron-sized chips, including antennas with...

Tags : RFID Electronic Tags RFID electronic label RFID electronic tags

Talking about RFID Electronic Label Packaging Technology

RFID radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically recognizes target objects and acquires relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work can work in various harsh environments without manual intervention. RFID technology can recognize high-speed moving objects...

Tags : RFID metal tag Anti-Metal tag Fixed RFID reader

RFID helps cosmetics anti-counterfeiting logo

According to statistics, the size of China's cosmetics market in 2015 was 315.6 billion yuan, and China became the second largest cosmetics consumer in the world after the United States. Online shopping is very important for people. Different kinds of cosmetics have different prices due to different brands and places of origin. There are ...

Tags : UHF RFID Ceramic Metal Tag UHF RFID ABS Anti-metal Tag Uhf electronic tags

What are the applications of Internet of Things technology such as RFID in intelligent transportation?—part 2

Real-time monitoring and management of urban traffic The traffic data collected by the Intelligent Transportation Integrated Platform based on RFID technology can be used for real-time traffic flow monitoring, intelligent statistics of traffic information, traffic information mining and large data processing, as well as congestion chargin...

Tags : UHF flexible metal label UHF flexible metal label RFID tag UHF flexible RFID tag

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