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  • RFID smart library system --- a library digital management with RFID
    • Oct , 16 2020
    RFID smart library system --- a library digital management with RFID

    In the information age, due to the increasing demand for information transmission,And the library management system based on magnetic stripe and barcode technology, its traditional services are gradually showing insufficient. Therefore, it is particularly necessary for libraries to introduce high technology and change the existing service dilemma. Although the current library has transitioned from...

  • RFID Vehicle Application Management
    • Aug , 25 2020
    RFID Vehicle Application Management

    Vehicle management has become a problem. For effective management of vehicles, the core issue is how to identify vehicles. Applying RFID technology to the management of access control can effectively realize rapid and reliable identification of vehicles. 1. System hardware composition The RFID vehicle management system is composed of six parts: vehicle electronic tags,RFID UHF readers, vehicle gro...

  • Is parking difficult? RFID technology makes parking easy!
    • Aug , 16 2019

    Parking is one of the daily behaviors of people, but the problem of difficult parking, difficult parking spaces, unbalanced parking spaces, and low interest rates on parking spaces is also quite serious. The parking vacancy rate is still as high as 44.6%.   At present, the intelligent parking lot coverage rate is only 7%, and the parking lot intelligence is mainly based on traditional skills ...

  • RFID Child Identification and Anti-theft Management Program
    • Feb , 22 2019

    Newborn babies are born every day in the hospital, and this new life is the most precious property for every family and parent. According to the statistics report of the medical department, the incidents of baby miscarriage and theft in the maternity hospital have occurred. RFID baby identification anti-theft system is safe and reliable, not only has comprehensive regional monitoring, including re...

  • The Application Status of RFID in Intelligent Security
    • Feb , 18 2019

    As one of the key technologies of security and Internet of Things, RFID is currently rich in related products and solutions, and the market application is gradually deepening. The application fields are expanding and expanding, especially in intelligent transportation, smart parking, smart access control, radio frequency security, personnel and Areas such as item positioning and track management h...

  • New RFID Solutions Open up More Application Markets
    • Dec , 29 2018

    With advances in materials technology, RFID tags are becoming smaller and smaller, and can even be washed without damage, making RFID applications more widely available. Hopeland has developed a number of unique RFID tags, RFID UHF readers and software that can help solve problems or increase the efficiency of customer operations. Applications include retail, medical and healthcare, smart factorie...

  • Application of RFID and Internet of Things Technology in Labor Management
    • Dec , 17 2018

    The RFID chip is used to establish an identity card for the construction site personnel. By setting a long range RFID card reader in the floor, the RFID chip information can be read out instantly, and the location and personal information of the construction site personnel can be known. At the same time, the information is uploaded to the network cloud through the computer host, and the informatio...

  • Elderly Apartment RFID Location Recognition System
    • Nov , 21 2018

    With the increasing aging of the population, there are more and more elderly people, and there are many issues concerning the safety management of the elderly. The nursing home is a very important venue for the activities and life of the elderly. Therefore, the issue of the safety management of the elderly in the nursing home has become an issue of increasing concern to the society. A fixed RFID r...

  • RFID-based Clothing Industry Picking System Solution
    • Oct , 31 2018

    With the rapid growth of corporate brands and the rapidly changing market, the original factory packaging and logistics links are clearly unable to keep up with the pace of enterprise development. Comparing the current multi-packing schemes, in order to meet the above-mentioned packing requirements, the best is the picking and packing system solution using UHF RFID solution. In addition to RFID ta...

  • Application Analysis of RFID Technology in Warehouse Management
    • Oct , 29 2018

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency IdentjficaTIon. It is a non-contact identification technology and is a more specific technical name for radio technology in the field of automatic identification. Electronic tags are the popular name for radio frequency identification (RFlD). In recent years, RFID technology has been widely used in warehouse management. T...

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