RFID Technology
RFID in Supply Chain Management

RFID is a technology that is used to describe a system that transmits the identity of an object wirelessly. The main components in RFID systems are the tag, the reader, and the RFID middleware that translates and integrates data for enterprise applications. RFID benefits manufacturing suppliers with operational efficiencies and integrated...

RFID Make Flexible Production Come True

With the increasing of global population, manufacturing industries seek for methods to increase the productivity to tally with the ever rising demand. Due to the busy life styles of modern society, people seek for much easier methods to fulfill their requirements. Therefore the online purchasing of items is available for a large variety o...

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RFID Middleware Design for Traceability of Supply Chain Management

RFID technology has been widely adopted for supply chain management purposes. Its inherent identification capabilities provide the opportunity to trace products from the producer to the retailer, offering insight to the various levels of the supply chain. As a result the supply chain has become more responsive to continuously changing con...

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IOT Core Technology RFID Used for More Vertical Areas

At the end of March 2017, RFID World Congress is held in China, RFID technology in the past decade has become one of the mature core technology, the cost of more Is a direct number of companies willing to import RFID technology, to carry out asset identification, data collection, which business model diversity and business opportunities, ...

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RFID Technology for Unmanned Store

What is the hottest now, that unmanned retail stores must come to our mind. Since the end of last year, Amazon in the United States opened the first unmanned entity Amazon Go. And this year, series of Chinese retail giants like Alibaba, JingDong, Wa Haha, T-mall have set their own unmanned store to start the venture. Today let’s talk abou...

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RFID Based Smart Retail Security System

In recent years, with rapid development of wireless sensor networks and smart objects such as smart phones, tablets and other devices are extensively used to build heterogeneous network, Breakthroughs have been made in Internet of Things (IoT) with variety of applications such as environmental monitoring, medical treatment and public heal...

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Could RFID Technology Save the Lost of Retail

According to professional report by China General Chamber of Commerce, there was 181 billion RMB lost of retail industry in 2016, from stolen. And the loss rate increased year by year on these 5 years. The traditional way to prevent damage has been unable to save the problem of retail damage, technical upgrading is emergent without delay....

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RFID Technology to Build Intelligent Logistic Distribution Center

The distribution center is logistics place or organization engaged for distribution business. The establishment of the distribution center is mainly to achieve the distribution of logistics. For Traditional distribution center, they usually have problems below: 1. Inventory statistics lack accuracy 2. Cargo loss 3. Difficult for inventory...

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