RFID Technology
Application of RFID in Agricultural Product Management

The agricultural product supply chain includes many links such as production, packaging, processing, distribution, and sales. It is a long and complex supply chain. The use of RFID technology in conjunction with networks and information systems for data collection and communication aims at improving the efficiency of information collectio...

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Jewelry Industry RFID Management System Solution

With the rapid development of RFID asset management technology, the RFID asset management of jewelry is an important technology that facilitates inventory, sales, and improvement of management efficiency. Informationization of jewelry management will significantly improve the efficiency of jewelry companies, such as inventory, point wareh...

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Design of RFID-based Smart Hotel System

The intelligent service of the hotel is a goal pursued by the high-class hotel. It can provide guests with special services to make guests have a special feeling and leave a deep impression on the guests; at the same time, it can also establish the unique brand of the hotel. The RFID-based smart hotel system has enhanced the level of inte...

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How to Make RFID Readers Achieve 100% Recognition

UHF RFID reader receivers also require transmitters to send unmodulated carriers when operating. Receivers include tag reflection signals, antenna noise, environmental reflections, direct transmitter coupling, and the receiver's own noise. Now if we want to stably read a distance of 10 meters, and let RFID readers achieve 100% recognition...

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RFID Medical Anti-fake Technology Makes Health More Secure

The pharmaceutical RFID supply chain information platform built using RFID technology can realize real-time tracking and supervision of pharmaceutical production, circulation, distribution and retail links. Because RFID tags have the technical characteristics of large storage capacity, fast transmission speed, non-counterfeiting, and conc...

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PDA Handheld Terminal for Clothing Store Application

With the development of RFID technology, many companies are now focusing on RFID technology solutions. Thanks to the RFID technology's ability to identify multiple tags at the same time in a non-contact, non-visual environment, a full range of tens of items with electronic tag-attached apparel can be read by the UHF RFID reader once and f...

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Asset management RFID solution

The data center's basic environment is very conducive to the application of RFID technology, because the usual data centers are concentrated in a limited area of high-density equipment, and the basic environment such as temperature and humidity are very good, this environment can be reduced deploy the cost of RFID and increase its efficie...

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RFID Unmanned Retail Technology

Retailers have unique advantages in commodities, supply chain and operations, etc. They are mainly responsible for overall layout planning, while RFID companies mainly provide core technologies related to unmanned retail sales, including RFID technology, system integration, merchandise management, and store access, payment and departures,...

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Modern Warehouse Management System Based on RFID Technology

The RFID warehouse management system is a platform based on RFID identification technology to identify, track and manage cargo information for cargo identification. The system combines advanced RFID identification technology with computer database management query to automatically identify cargo information. The application of this system...

Tags : RFID logistics management RFID warehouse management

Common RFID Applications in Life

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, new retail, and smart industries, RFID has emerged from the perspective of people. RFID has been applied to many fields, such as production line management, vehicle management, warehouse management, personnel management, RFID asset management, cash box management, and intelligence. Boo...

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